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NYC skyline from Rockefeller Center

Some months back, my BFF and I took a trip to NYC. You see, we’d been reading all this stuff about all the delicious treats that were exclusive to the Big Apple, and we just couldn’t take it anymore. I’ve never been one for big cities, I’m from a teeny tiny town in the midwest, and always found cities to be rather dirty and crowded… but the food… oh, THE FOOD! There is nowhere in this country you can go that will beat NYC for eats.

When you go to NYC, bring your walking shoes… Seriously. Do it. Not new ones, but those old, dirty ones that are all broken in already. Our first full day we trekked out to Prospect Park in Brooklyn, and after walking around for apparently 7 miles I was ready to die of starvation so I insisted we did what we came to do and EAT SOMETHING.

I stumbled in a delirious state for what seemed like hours until we arrived at Di Fara pizza in Brooklyn… this is the most delicious piece of pizza you will ever put in your mouth. Seriously.  Family-owned and operated; it’s not much to look at, but it’s not made for lookin’. It’s thin, crisp crust is topped with prime ingredients from Italy and finished with fresh-snipped basil. They also offer a deeper square pie, we got one piece of each, and savored both.

Di Fara Pizza - Brooklyn, New York

Seriously, the most amazing pizza you will ever put in your mouth.

This is Di Fara – No really, just this guy and his son making pizzas nonstop

This guy has been making pizza for more than 40 years. Mr. DeMarco is well into his 70’s and is the only one who makes the pizza here, in their one oven. If he’s not there, the shop is closed. Then again, if he’s not there I don’t want it. Be careful though, you may end up waiting HOURS for a slice (Us? We waited about 10 minutes) J Thank you, crappy weather <3

Momofuku Noodle Bar – Delicious Ramen

Momofuku, Shake Shack, Gray’s Papaya… there was such an extensive list of places we had to try, we even took a map of NYC and plotted every restaurant we had to hit… of course the map was forgotten in Ohio, and it rained for 90% of the trip, and we got side tracked by silly little things like the Museum of Natural History and the Met… so we didn’t hit every place on our list. We did manage to put a good dent in it though, and left enough to suffice as an excuse to come back.

We hit David Chang’s Momofuku trifecta – Noodle, Ssam and Milk bars. Suffice it to say, none of the milk bar lasted long enough for a photo-op. As for Ssam, let’s just say pork belly ssams don’t photograph well with cell phones tourist cameras.

On that same note, while I can see what all the hype is about pork belly, it’s not for me. I’m not a health nut, but I can’t take that level of fat… just sayin. Noodle bar’s ginger scallion noodles were amazingly tasty, and milk bar didn’t disappoint on any level. With “compost cookies”, “crack pie”, and “cereal milk” froyo… try it all. You won’t be sorry.

🙂 Pommes Frites on the other hand, well they’re quite photogenic … Pommes frites specializes in 1 thing—Thick, crispy, twice-fried potatoes. Oh, and a menu of over 20 dipping sauces. They’ll let you sample any for free—and if you find one you like, they’ll sell it to you for $1 each. Make sure to make one something you’d never think of… be adventurous!

Pommes Frites from Pommes Frites

Shake Shack – Burger + Drink

Shake Shack… oh, Shake Shack. It’s like In-n-Out on crack. For those of you unlucky enough to have never tasted In-n-Out, Shake Shack is an amazing caramelized, flavorful burger on the thinner side with an amazing soft, buttery bun and their own “special sauce”.

This is where torrential downpours worked in our favor — NO WAITS! Shake Shack, Momofuku, Pommes Frites, all these places known for notoriously long waits had NO LINES. No one (except us) wanted to battle the weather for such deliciousness. Silly New Yorkers, all spoiled because they get to eat these things all the time…. well we weren’t going to let a little rain stand in our way….

On second thought, I think I’ll drag this out into two posts, so as to not exhaust your poor little eyes. Don’t worry, we won’t always have story time. There are many, many recipes to come after ‘Food Porn’ – NYC edition… I’m drooling now… I think I’m off to sleep and have sweet, delicious hamburger dreams…..

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