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Good morning! It’s Thursday again. I can’t say this will be a weekly thing, but welcome to edition 2 of my random rambling on and on about nothing to fill up space when I haven’t had the time to write a recipe post yet… I have a couple on file, but I am really waiting until I have time to post these babies (as you may have seen on the wee eats FB)

It’s called a “chubby hubby” bar (from the infamous Chubby Hubby ice cream), chock-full of chocolate, peanut butter, caramel, and pretzels… mmmmmm. Tasty, right?

On a less appetizing note, this is what I eat for breakfast pretty much every day. Sad right?

Good ol’ Quaker Oats. This one is strawberries and cream. It’s kind of the only option when you wake up at the buttcrack of dawn because you have to be to work by 6:00 am and your drive can be anywhere from 25 – 55 minutes depending on traffic and lights and all that jazz. Sad, right? The only thing sadder may be my frozen lunches…

Oh! This past weekend the BF got me the cutest stuffed animal from a candy store. He’s supposedly an “ugly doll” but they did a pretty terrible job of making him ugly… just look at him.

His name is “Mr. Kasoogi” and I think the BF is getting a little bit jealous of him…. 😉 He also got like a pound of gummy bears and some space ice cream… No pics of the space ice cream…. oops……..

Also, I am behind again and forgot all about Cinco de Mayo… let’s just cherish the one holiday I did make it to in time to post for… remember Valentine’s Day? These cute little cupcakes?? I was so proud of myself…. what’s next anyway? Memorial Day? Pish…

Maybe I’ll do a Cinco de Mayo roundup, although it might be just as well to link to someone else who’s already done all the work for me 🙂 SeriousEats perhaps???

I don’t know what you’re all planning for the weekend, but I’ve got this on my mind:

Anyone else going to see it? I’m super excited for it. Which basically just means I’ll be really sad if it sucks… Oh well!

Also, I need to learn how to do fancy decorating stuff like this, I feel like it would improve my quality of life at least tenfold. How flippin’ cute are these cookies over at SugarBelle ??

Well, I think I’ve wasted enough of your time for one morning, I’ll work on that Chubby Hubby post and hopefully have it up for you all by Monday. Have a great weekend!!!

2 thoughts on “more thursday things

  1. first, let me just say i really enjoy Thursday Things. I can’t wait for those ridiculous bars. Also, let me know how the Avengers movie is! Getting to actually go to a theatre to see anything (due to the wee babe) can be difficult, so i’ll live through you. I’m excited because it’s Joss Whedon, and i’m a total Buffy like, GEEK.
    i still am in love with those cupcakes.
    i totally have boring breakfasts in the morning. your oatmeal is my egg whites and cheese. your frozen dinner lunches are my “throw whatever in a bowl and run around the backyard with the wee one” lunches. i get it.

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