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Since I didn’t work on Monday my whole week was off. I kept thinking Tuesday was Wednesday for some reason and all day Wednesday I thought it was Thursday, except sometimes when I thought it was Tuesday, but definitely not Wednesday. There was no Wednesday. But here we are, Thursday. Today. Just took me a couple days to catch on…

As for the pic above…


… if they survive the heat …

Sunday night the BF took me to see one of my fave bands (Death Cab for Cutie) at the Mesa Arts Center. It was a-maze. That’s short for amazing. Because it was so amazing that I couldn’t even type the word amazing. But now I’ve typed it three times. There, take that. If Death Cab for Cutie isn’t your thing, that’s OK – just means there’s more for me. Yes…. all mine….

On another note, I can’t stop looking at pictures of THIS CAT on instagram.


True story. even changed my phone background to this:

I have problems…

I did make this colossal twice baked potato this week, it was delicious. BF never gets to eat these because I’m lazy. I suggest you take time out of your busy schedule to make them. So good.

 Lastly, Sunday is Mother’s Day so kiss your mom and do something nice for her. Here are some ideas:

Molten Chocolate Cakes    

My mommy’s favorite is lasagna, maybe I should make her some of that…

3 thoughts on “thursday things

  1. i like that it’s almost time for THIS thurday’s things and i still haven’t commented on last week’s post. 🙂 a few things:
    i love, LOVE death cab. immense, consuming love.
    every time i see this cat in those sunnies i laugh right out loud. sometimes in public. i want that cat so bad it hurts.
    i’m still very envious of your meyer lemon tree. i know there are pros and cons to living in AZ, but pregnant lemon trees are squarely in the “pro” category.

  2. ps: seems as though WordPress and i need to have a little convo about why, when i comment, it always switches me to my way old blog instead of my current one. sorry. 🙂

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