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It appears my posts are still going to be less frequent for the time being, as I am suffering from recipe backlog – I have recipes, I have pics, I have no words to go with said recipes/pics… some of the pics I’ve forgotten the recipes for (I’m a terrible blogger at the moment), so I will work on remedying that soon.

Sophie’s been trying to help.

Alas, it is still Thursday and I did not want to rob you of this week’s “thursday things” … First things first: Does anyone use this stuff?

I’ve been using it for YEARS, but for whatever reason, it started making stuff way too salty! I get the “Less Sodium” one but it easily transforms into “ULTRASUPERMEGA SODIUM” with the slightest bit of reduction.

I’ve ruined a couple of dishes this way in the past two years or so…. I think I’m just going to have to switch to “Sodium Free”… I wish I had one of their old containers so I could compare the level of sodium in each one… Then I could see if they’ve actually changed it at all or not.

Our beloved Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams made it to the coveted #1 spot on America’s Best Ice Cream 🙂 Side note, I’ve eaten 4 of the top 10, so I think that makes me some sort of expert. I’ve got a couple of her recipes here:



Sweet Republic is a short bike ride from my house, which is dangerous. They make sundaes with fresh marshmallows and toast them RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU.

I have the strong urge to picnic lately… maybe because it’s summer (officially)? Unfortunately, I live on the sun where our summer forecast looks like this:

Not even 6:00 am and already in the 90’s… and we’ve had two dust storms in the last two days…. Sad, right? It makes my heart hurt 🙁

So, instead of going for a real picnic, I’ve been imagining what food I would take on a picnic. A sort of “virtual picnic” if you will. If you have Pinterest, you can add your favorite picnic pins (*see below for instructions), if not feel free to let me know your favorite picnic foods in the comments below!

*To become a board contributor, tag me in your pin, and I will add you as an approved “contributor” and you will be free to pin away on the picnic board!

Happy Thursday, all!

3 thoughts on “thursday things

  1. oh no! RECIPE BACKLOG!!! i am all too familiar with that particular affliction. 🙂 i can cook and bake my way into like, having a dozen sets of photos and recipes and i get all excited and then boom: words? what? hello? where are you? *groan*
    i hope you get the writing juices flowing soon, because i love your stuff. i saw you/us on the SE slideshow this week and it always reminds me how we “met” – don’t know if i ever told you this, but when i used to flip through them, one (yours) would always strike me, and i’d click through and think “WHO IS THIS WEE AND WHY DOES SHE MAKE SUCH AMAZING STUFF! i must know her.”
    and so, we do. i’m happy to wait patiently while you dig your way out of recipes. 🙂

  2. ps: am i too late for virtual picnic? because i’m on vacation and we are SO picnic-y right now with our food cravings, and i need to pinterest my life away anyway. that’s like, one of my favorite things to do. 🙂

    • Never too late! Just comment with a link to your pinterest here or send me an email at and I’ll add you with haste!

      Thanks for the inspiration, Shannon! You’re so sweet – I’m so happy we were able to “meet” 🙂

      I hope you enjoyed/(are enjoying?) your vacation! I’ll have to look at what this week’s sweets are so we can be SE sweets neighbors again 🙂

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