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Hope everyone had a great holiday – it was rainy here in Phoenix. Hilarious that the one time it decides to rain in the past month or so was on the 4th of July.

My lemon tree definitely enjoyed the cooler weather (even if it was just for a day) and the humidity…. Unfortunately I’ve already killed all my baby lemons so it’s too little too late for that front.  Another score for my “black thumb”, reaffirming that this someecard was basically made for me:

I attempted to make “Red, White, and Blue” cupcakes for Independence Day, but I ended up hating the vanilla frosting. Since I was out of powdered sugar, I figured I would frost them with the leftover chocolate frosting and put on holiday sprinkles.

Turns out I didn’t have any red/white/blue sprinkles… I did, however, have dinosaur sprinkles. I ended up with vanilla cupcakes (half of them red) with chocolate frosting and dinosaur sprinkles… How patriotic. 🙂 Sidenote: People are very confused by vanilla cupcakes that are red.

In other news, I finally tracked down the new Girl Scout Crunch Bars. I immediately tore into all three flavors. You know, for science. The verdict? They’re all delicious… Dare I say more delicious than the actual cookies? Big shocker, I know.

Despite Tagalongs being my favorite Girl Scout Cookie, I think Somoas took the gold in candy bar form.

The Tagalong bars were just so close to a Reese’s Sticks that it was almost not worth giving them a different name. But obviously being so widely popular, they had to make them. And since they made them, I had to eat them.

The Thin Mint one was so dark, chocolatey, and crunchy that I almost went weak in the knees. I don’t even care that much about actual Thin Mints, but these… yeah. Worth it.

Being “limited edition” I obviously had to go hoarder-style. Which kinda makes me feel awful about myself with a pantry full of Birthday Cake Oreos and a fridge full of Girl Scout candy bars… but yeah. Whatever. I do what I want. The Hershey’s was on sale 2-for-one… DON’T JUDGE ME!!!

I baked the round 1 recipe of the “Ultimate Chocolate Cupcake” contender, and ….. CAN’T TELL YOU ANYTHING ABOUT IT!

If it wins, you will get the recipe. If not…. Then it’s on to round two! I baked them and took them into work and forced my work people to fill out the survey, then forced my BF to fill out a survey…  I’ll probably submit my official feedback form today. I can provide you with frosting recipe, though. Cream Cheese Chocolate Frosting.

Oh! Also, please check Jeni’s product locator as their ice cream just appeared in the grocery store right by my house!!! They even sell some of her ice cream cookies!!! None of the ice cream cookies I wanted, but I was still SO EXCITED!

I stumbled across this s’more-stuffed cookie that put my cookie-stuffed-cookies to shame. Pure shame.

I don’t remember exactly where. I assume it was on Pinterest. There is so much delicious on there… Judging by the fact that there is A S’MORE INSIDE OF THAT COOKIE, I’m guessing that is an actual salad plate. Salad plate sized cookies are always a good thing, right?

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  1. I followed you here from your red velvet rice krispie treats submission for Serious Eats’ weekly Share Your Sweets post–I’m glad I did! I hoard “rare” sweets, too, and often go into hoarder mode. I have to be careful, though, to make sure hoarder mode doesn’t coincide with binger mode! I bought the birthday cake Oreos back in March when I found out they’d come out, and I haven’t been able to find them again since. Curse the lost opportunity! I just finished the mini Reese’s Easter eggs I had in the freezer. And I’ve been resisting, against all odds, the urge to bust into the one and only box of Tagalongs I bought this year.

    Also, huge HUGE thanks for cluing us into the Jeni’s locator–I knew she was distributing, but I had no idea I was now surrounded by Jeni’s products!!! Happy Joy! And curse the fact that I’ve just made a pact with my boyfriend to be achingly good with our eating until my birthday part the weekend after this-coming one. Maybe he’ll at least agree to let me keep some Jeni’s in the freezer if I swear up and down and left and right not to bust into it. Ha!

    • I think I might have 1 mini egg left in the freezer, and a “king size” pack haha!!

      I’m happy Jeni’s is distributing near you! I pretty much spammed them nonstop for 3 years to get them to send some to Phoneix … 🙂

      Great to meet you!

      • You’re in Phoenix, too?? Awesome! I’m debating whether to head to the AJ’s on Camelback and 44th St. near work or waiting to hit the one on Camelback and Central near home if I can wait it out. Thanks much for spamming Jeni’s! I’m totally thankful. Have you tried her cookbook? I swore by David Lebovitz’s “The Perfect Scoop” until I tried Jeni’s book. I love them both, but I like the purity behind Jeni’s flavors.

        I hope you’re enjoying the monsoon whether! It’s a nice change, especially before heading back into the hard hundreds!

        • SMALL WORLD!

          I have both, and definitely neglected my Perfect Scoop book after getting the Jeni’s one. I have yet to make a recipe from the Jeni’s book that didn’t turn out perfectly. I love that she gives recipes for the different toppings and mix-ins in the back of teh book as well!

          I heard about the thunderstorms… I slept through them I guess! Just saw the puddles on my way to work this morning… 😉

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