thursday things

It’s Thursday and here’s what you’ve missed out on so far…

Thanks to my habit of freezing baked goods to enjoy later (with minimal time or effort), I’m still enjoying my Momofuku Cornflake cookies.

BF took me to have my first Pho. It was delicious. It’s a place in Phoenix called Viet Kitchen. Good stuff, granted it was my first time so I might not be the most trustworthy source.

That very same BF and I celebrated our four year anniversary (w00t!) I can’t believe it’s been four years…

And to celebrate, he took me to see the new Batman movie AND got me a sparkly, purple bike, because I’m 8. And I love it, because it’s purple. And Sparkly. And because I’m 8. There’s even a spot in the back where I could put a picnic basket or something, we could ride off to the park and eat pbjs… because I’m 8.

We celebrated at J&G Steakhouse in the Phoenician, where we watched the valley get ravaged by thunderstorms and dust storms whilst enjoying our meal, safely perched atop the mountain top retreat.

Speaking of, I’m pretty sure this is the first time we’ve had a real “monsoon season” since I moved here. Every day has been miserable and muggy with high chances of rain, which seem to fall around but not on our house… I think the mountain nearby breaks up all the clouds. It’s super lame.

We do still get some pretty skies, though.

I’m also in love with a new instagram cat. She’s so freaking fluffy I could die. Ded. She looks tragically depressed 110% of the time. It kills me.



Ded.   >.<

Don’t worry, Snoopy, I still love you too


And I’ve been Pinteresting again, which makes me want to do totally unnecessary things, like having this for breakfast


and then this…


Somehow I seem to gloss over all those exercise motivation pins… like this one:

 Jokes on you, motivational pin! I get up at 5am. I don’t even turn on the light in the morning. Take that, mirror! That is WAY easier than getting up and working out… pft!

Also, I just received the round two recipe for the ULTIMATE CHOCOLATE CUPCAKE, so I’ll probably be baking that this weekend. If you need an “ultimate” cupcake before then, try out the vanilla recipe, it’s tops.

4 thoughts on “thursday things

  1. i also have a (bad?) habit of freezing baked goods for use later. It’s like i know i shouldn’t eat them all at once, but i can’t always bear the thought of giving them away, either. 🙂
    happy (belated, by now) anniversary to you and the BF!! congrats! Whoa, you two are so cute together. like, adorable cute. i would Pinterest that little 4-up photo, but i’m also way too busy Pinteresting again (it’s like we’re the SAME) and finding random ridiculous things to eat. and i love that you’re eight and got a bike and a Batman movie date…just saying. that would be the perfect gift.
    also, those cats. THOSE. CATS.

    • I love when you catch up on my posts, then I have a bunch of comments to read at once and I get to feel like a rock star 😉 Where are you again? St Louis? Next time I visit the cousins we’ll have to bake together haha – and OMG THESE CATS, wait til you see what they’re up to now…. trying to save it for next week but we’ll see …. o.O

      • that’s it; i’m going to follow the cats on instagram.
        yep, i’m in st. louis. if you’re ever in town, you come on over, we’ll bake something and act like idiots together. interestingly enough, i also have cousins near you – in the phoenix/tempe area. so…ditto. 🙂

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