I did enjoy (preemptively) these s’more bars and home made s’mores (toasted over our very own flat-top, electric stove) For those of you haters, I promise that this is the ULTIMATE way to perfectly brown your marshmallows!

I have only two pieces of advice:

1. Remember to open your windows and turn on your fan… marshmallows, even when toasted to a golden brown indoors, still produce smoke!

2. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AND ALL THINGS HOLY – DO NOT LET THAT MARSHMALLOW DROP ONTO YOUR BURNER! I haven’t done it yet, but now I’m certain that I’ve jinxed myself and it will happen the next time I do it (so… tonight?).

For the rest of you, here are some new ways to enjoy an old classic:

I start, of course, with my very own s’more cookies  🙂 Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “IT’S NATIONAL S’MORE DAY!

    thank you for including my little twisty s’mores in your roundup, natalie. 🙂 I just knew you were going to do something today, and you didn’t disappoint.

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