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While I was driving to work today, I saw the most spectacular sunrise. I was unable to catch a picture of this amazing “cloud” I saw, but luckily it turns out that the cloud made the news… because it wasn’t a cloud. It was a missile trail… oh well, still looks cool, right? (Note: I didn’t take that picture, because I don’t like to take pictures while driving to work in the near-dark. Safety first!)

Sophie was helping me with the laundry over the weekend, when she became gravely concerned about the level of cat hair on our freshly-laundered clothes. Rather, the lack of cat hair that is…

Apparently she thinks that the laundry basket is her own personal space ship.


I suppose if she covers the basket with hair, then the clothes will immediately be covered in her hair once I put them in the basket. Clever girl.

I’ve been convinced, after staring at this picture for a week, that I need to make these oven roasted tomatoes from Skinny Taste…. and then probably 1,000 tomato-based items in which to use them. Are you drooling  yet?


Well then how about these s’more tarts from Love and Olive Oil?

Because after seeing them my life seems meaningless to have lived so long without them. MEANINGLESS!

This weekend will be ROUND 3 of the ULTIMATE CHOCOLATE CUPCAKE.

Hopefully this will be the last round… Hopefully. We bakers have been testing recipes since June, but I have a good feeling about this one, I really do. If it is… then you (finally) get a recipe! (yay!)

3 thoughts on “thursday things

  1. i must now make roasted tomatoes. incidentally, nigella (because i know we have recently discussed my love for her) has a recipe very similar to that one in one of her books, and i’ve always wanted to try it. also, i know from looking at the photo that that’s a label on the mason jar of tomatoes, but craft alert: how cute would it be to get chalkboard paint and PAINT. LABELS. ON. MASON. JARS. WITH IT. i’m brain-pinteresting that. 🙂

    and those s’mores tarts? the are meticulously done. and gorgeous. i am jealous of Love and Olive Oil for being so dang patient, obviously, with her swirlies.

    i enjoy that you thought a missile was a cool cloud; it IS still a cool cloud, just in a different way? i feel like maybe i need to begin looking at my clouds a little closer…hmm.

    kiss sophie for me, and i’m intrigued by this whole ultimate chocolate cupcake thing you’ve been working on! i feel like i need an ultimate chocolate cupcake in my life.

    • haha! they’re entertaining to read though! 🙂

      I was eyeballing some chalkboard paint at Lowe’s today …. then I think I was distracted by a mini blowtorch… for things like s’mores and s’more tarts and creme brulee… which I talked myself out of, because when am I really going to make those? unless…. I get a blowtorch…….. 😉

      I still haven’t roasted the tomatoes, sadly. I got sucked into ikea on saturday and then today turned into chocolate cupcake day… oy vey!

      I need to put those Nigella books on my Christmas list STAT!

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