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God bless Trader Joes: I finally found a delicious turkey bacon.  The most delicious turkey bacon in all the land.  I used it to make this “healthy” breakfast with a fat free english muffin, and a perfectly-poached egg.


Side note: What’s the deal with measuring cups these days? My recent guest star, Kabrina, and I were discussing these recently. Here is her measuring cup, less than one year old and my measuring cup, also very young:


The difference?

I can see the faint lines in mine (if I hold it up to the window) and then draw them on with a marker. I essentially paid for a blank piece of glass. Thanks.

I know for a fact that when I was a child, we had one measuring cup, and it lasted for my entire childhood. So what gives? The cup has one job: measure things. And it fails. It fails at its ONLY REASON FOR EXISTING.

Ok Pyrex, whatever cheap paint you’ve switched to, I’m sure it’s saving you buttloads of money, but it’s time to stop. I promise that I will drop my measuring cup and it will shatter into 1,000 pieces and I will have to buy a new one… eventually. You don’t have to attempt to expedite the process with horrible paint.

Know what else has to stop? Communal tables in restaurants. Oh, how they fill me with a fiery rage. I am happy to see that I am not the only one who despises communal seating at restaurants… I realize it saves you money, and I realize that it’s “convenient” (for the restaurant) but it’s SO UNCOMFORTABLE! It’s like being on an airplane, you’re surrounded on either side with people you don’t know and you have to decide which is more awkward: ignoring the people two inches away, or interrupting their dinner by talking to them.  Let’s just stop the madness now.

On a much happier note, there’s a new video of my golf boyfriend (that’s two links btw). I’ve never been a fan of golf, but I would watch it if he was my man. How could you say no to charm like that?

This insanely cute pillow from A Beautiful Mess almost motivates me to be crafty enough to make it. I’ll put that on my pinboard to forget about and probably never make…

Speaking of pins, the Fall Flavors board is up and running! Which means that this is basically me for the next three to four months:

… Like my pumpkin muffins with cream cheese filling or the best pumpkin cheesecake in the world! (yes, i stand by that statement)


Speaking of pumpkin, my friend posted this hilarious picture on Facebook. I promptly died from laughter.

That’s all for this week, have a fabulous weekend!

6 thoughts on “thursday things

  1. The old paint on the measuring cups were probably full of lead. I say, gimme some lead. Ditto on the communal tables; I don’t want to hear strangers chew. Gross. I can barely stand listening to myself chew. Speaking of Trader Joe’s, LOVE THEM (their vanilla Jo-Jo cookies, put them in the freezer. That’s right, the freezer. And eat them frozen. Yum). Anyhoo, my husband texted me at work the other day to show me what came in his bag of TJ arugula (that I bought): A praying mantis! Not kidding. Can I post a pic here? Ive got the pic. A praying mantis. in his arugula. Dead.

    • I don’t know… Does it let you upload pics?? Lol. Can probably upload somewhere else and post a link here… 😉 I assume that means that they don’t use harsh pesticides, but that’s always alarming when you find insects.

      The real question is, what would be worse: finding a dead praying mantis or a live one???

  2. where did you find that cartoon caricature of me talking about pumpkin!?!?!?! 🙂

    and i spit out my coffee when i saw that starbucks sign. IN LOVE. btw, we’re total breakfast sandwich twins: that right up there is one of my favorite breakfasts, and i see nothing unhealthy about it. recently, i’ve been subbing a fat slice of heirloom tomato in for the bacon, and it’s pretty crazy good if you’re into that sort of thing. once they’re out of season, it’s back to turkey bacon, so i’m happy you’ve done my work for me and found a decent one. I need to go to trader joe’s more often, for sure.

    thursday things = shannon’s steamy cup of coffee. it’s that nice.

    • HA!! I LOL’ed when I read your comment. Which is bad, because it makes it very evident to the people around me at work that I am doing un-work-related things…. I’m so glad we are food-soul-mates. 🙂

      I hear that different Trader Joes carry different products, so I’ll have to snap a pic of the package so you can make sure they have the same one. I used to get other types of turkey bacon but they were always… “less than”… so I gave up and hopped back onto the fatty-mc-fatterson train to bacon town. Then I discovered this beautiful stuff. I cooked the whole package over the weekend and then used the rest throughout the week in salads, on burgers, and (ahem) as a snack…

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