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Boyfriend and I had an amazing dinner over the weekend at BLT Steak. (Back of the menu is what you are looking at above). It was the best dinner either of us has had in a long time, and that’s saying a lot (at least I feel like it is). You can read all about it here. Trust me. You want to read it.

I almost never go out for lunch. Like never. Never ever. But on Tuesday I went to Stingray Sushi and had a delicious teriyaki chicken bento box and now I want to go every day:

Stupid kitchn blog has me fantasizing about well-organized freezers… I think some day my freezer will look like this:

Boyfriend found new cats for me to stalk on Instagram and I’ve been dying over their page for the last few days.


I nearly lost my mind over this cupcake holder on TomKat Studio.

I really need to make some more friends so I can have an excuse to buy something like that… seriously. Who wants to move to Arizona and eat cupcakes out of a ferris wheel!?!? ANYONE?!?

Lilsugar featured one of my pumpkin recipes today (see! that’s me! bottom right!) that mean, basically, that I can’t put off using pumpkin for another week. I was trying to wait until it was officially October, but that dream is dead. I think it will have to happen this weekend.

Somehow I came across this article (maybe because “bagel” is in the name?) on Huffington Post about Japan’s newest beauty craze… apparently it’s all the rage. I’ve never been “trendy” but I think I’ll pass on that one, ladies. I know I’ve intrigued you by mentioning “bagel” and “beauty” together. Go ahead, check it out.

6 thoughts on “thursday things

  1. here’s the thing; i read your thursday things posts at the gym. on my phone. and i get all excited as i’m sweating it out and looking at cats and cupcake ferris wheels, and i’m all into it, and then i forget to comment. because i can’t type on my phone STANDING STILL, much less on a stairmaster. so technically, i read this one week ago today.
    and technically, i’m still excited about everything in this. i want that sushi box so bad it hurts right now. i never go out to eat either (i have a weird self-imposed rule that since i’m not at work there’s no need to go to lunch, but that’s the dumbest rule ever sometimes) and now i completely want this exact thing.
    who organized flipping freezers like that? who has the time. that’s like a martha stewart project where you label and sort your antique spatulas by year, or you prune your apple trees “just because.”
    i’m…yes. i’m moving to arizona to eat cupcakes out of a ferris wheel. every day, though. that thing better be filled every. day.
    give in to the pumpkin. obviously now it’s october so you’re safe. congrats on the feature!!
    japan is KIDDING me with that bagel thing, right? i mean…come ON. right? no lie, that’s going to give me nightmares, but i can’t stop looking at it. like the American Horror Story trailer for the new season. it’s so terrifying but i can’t. stop. looking.

    • You go girl! Look at you all motivated!!! I’m so bad at typing while working out… or reading. Netflix is pretty much my only option.

      I love how much you love my Thursday Things… it motivates me to keep them coming! Haha

      And OMG I KNOW (American Horror Story) – I’m usually totally into scary movies and stuff but it’s just too… creepy. I dunno. I don’t like it. I stopped watching the first season around the time the big black leather suit dude showed up …. too much. I’m such a baby now, who knows what happened. Maybe it’s just part of getting old(er)? haha 😉

      • omg netflix! what a great idea for the gym! i never thought about that as an option, because i suck at reading while running too. can’t do it. i think if you’re actually “working out” though, probably reading is impossible. if i just strolled, i could do it.
        see? i know. i’m debating on watching this season, because it’s in a mental institution and that uber-creeps me out. i had to watch the first season during the day (like, NOON) and only when it was sunny; no gloomy days. i couldn’t watch it at night because my emotions couldn’t take it. the guys who write that show? SCREWED. UP. *but it’s such a good storyline* 🙂 don’t even talk to me about getting older… i’m already doing that thing i do around the b-day where i think i’m going to change my haircut/style/color; annual mid-life crisis. 🙂

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