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It’s Thursday again, which is usually thought of as a time to celebrate. Until my friend sent me this to ruin my day. I have the best friends. In turn, I decided to rain on all of your parades, too! MWAHAHAHA! Oh well, two days off is two days off, I don’t care how you slice it!

I’d like to slice it with these.

Now that is a craft that I think I could probably accomplish. Not too much hard work or focus required, and the more Oreos I eat, the less work I have to do! Count me in…

Oh my, a momentous occasion this week, I hit 500 followers on Instagram! w00t!!!

Yeah, I’m kinda a big deal.

Oh also, look at this:

“What’s so great about a case of water?” you may ask (besides that Fiji is one of my favorite bottled waters… and no, all bottled waters do NOT taste the same)…

I’ll tell you what makes this case of water so amazing. I won it! Like this:

HOW BOUT THEM APPLES?! Err… cupcakes. So on Saturday evening, when the doorbell rang and a case of water appeared, I started laughing hysterically. Because not only had I completely forgotten about my free case of water, but I honestly kinda thought it was a scam. Now I have a delicious case of Fiji water. And, I guess they get some free press, if you could this as free press. 🙂 Thanks, Fiji! (One case of water and I’m already selling out!)

I don’t know if any of you are into Conan (O’Brien)… Chances are if you had to read the last name, you’re not very into him. But I died over this video last week, but forgot to post it on my Thursday Things. That doesn’t make it any less share-worthy, though, so CHECK IT OUT!!

Oh, and I have a new background. One that finally kicked Snoopybabe from the glory that is my phone’s “lock” screen, with the difficult task of bringing me joy in my times of need, and making me laugh for no reason at all when I look at my phone. Are you ready? Here it is.


It’s like he’s trapped in my phone!!! I really think my love of otters is approaching Kristen Bell/Sloth proportions … it’s probably a problem. But if you want to have an otter inside your phone here’s the image (HERE IT IS!!!) then you can just save it to your phone and be happy every time you look at your screen. So friggin cute!!!!

Oh, and if you need something to drool over all day, this is what I look at all day.

Here is the link so it can be your computer background too!

I probably deserve a medal for coding and updating from my phone. The WP website hates me today. WHAT DID I EVER DO TO YOU WP?!? Besides use an extremely outdated version of ie… So, sorry for any errors but god bless technology for allowing me to provide you with Thursday Things from a hand-held device…

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone! I’ve got a really yummy recipe for you guys in the near future… like, really yummy. And super easy…. are you excited? //Suspense!!

3 thoughts on “thursday things

  1. so, let’s begin:
    those oreo turkeys are the CUTEST.
    bottled water TOTALLY does not all taste the same, and Fiji is one of my favorites also. i go to a snobby movie theater (it’s not snobby, really, but they have indie films + fancy coffee, so i enjoy it) and they have fiji. i get one every time. you have me rethinking this whole “should shannon instagrampublicly/be on twitter/etc” thing now.
    best otter photo ever; it’s like he’s laughing hysterically AND licking your face.
    if you’re teasing a recipe on TT, then i know it’s gonna be fantastic. color me excited.

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