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Remember these pretzels from the other week? At first i wasn’t a huge fan, because they’re soft all the way through… The recipe I usually use has way more chew. turns out if you put them in the toaster when you reheat them, though, they get extra delicious. Like +100 points delicious. So I’ve been converted from a hater to a lover, which is good because I have a freezer full of these things.

Boyfriend sent me this and said that it described me perfectly, so I should put it in my Thursday Things. And it does. So I am.

Freaking raisins… You look like chocolate chips but you taste like butt! STAY OUT OF MY COOKIES, RAISINS!!!

Speaking of the BF, I got to spend last Saturday here

It’s the “Relaxation Room” at the spa up the road… He surprised me with a massage. Because he had to work all day, and didn’t want me to sit at home bored all day. Aren’t I just the luckiest girl in the whole world?

We went with BF’s brother and his lady to BLT (that place I was raving about a couple weeks ago) and discovered the cutest bottle of Tabasco IN ALL THE LAND!!! I was unacceptably excited about it.

Somehow I got roped into playing words with friends on my phone. It’s like freaking crack. And it stresses me out. I can’t rest unless I clear my queue… but then there will be a new game, and then I have to play that one… and I can’t stop until all the games are cleared.

Can’t… stop…

Also, it reminded me of why I can’t play Scrabble. Anger issues. Because I either have goldmines like this that I can’t play.

Or I have all vowels and nowhere to place them… or I spell these amazing words and they are worth like 7 points.Then my opponent spells a word like “Do” and gets triple double word score to the max and then I want to smash things. All of the things. SMASH ALL THE THINGS!!!

Then I eat some of these to calm myself down.

The texture is a far cry from what a macaron should be, but the inside tastes JUST LIKE pumpkin pie. Just. Like. Pumpkin. Pie. Delicious, bite-size, pumpkin pie. If you can get past the texture. Just pretend like it’s not ever supposed to be a macaron. Like it’s just a little pumpkin pie bite. It will be ok.

One thought on “thursday things

  1. i DO remember those pretzels; which reminds me i need to get going on my own pretzel-making. yours always look so good and they make me want to try harder with yeast. 🙂
    i HATE IT when i think cookies have chocolate chips and they turn out to be raisins! seriously; and i don’t even hate raisins, it’s more that i hate DECEPTION. it’s happened to me with quick breads too when you think there are chocolate chips floating around in a zucchini loaf aaaaaannnd…no.
    i should tell you that i saw on the news the other day that there was a survey taken, and based largely on this ridiculously sweet act of niceness (spa visit), you actually DO have the best BF in the world. like, in a very official way. Another survey seemed to indicate that your boyfriend was most likely Ryan Gosling (“hey girl…”).
    *he is so nice*
    i can’t play, like am not allowed to play, any games like that anymore. reason? obsession. same/same. and besides, i have like, 18 versions of “(Something) Story” on my phone to keep me busy/obsessed.
    oh. my. god. i want pumpkin pie bites. that’s a blog idea; you heard it here first.

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