What to do with your leftover Halloween Candy


Sure there are a ton of things you can do with leftover candy, one of which includes just saving it for later, because IT’S CANDY. Not like it’s going bad anytime soon, right?

Or you could stash it in the freezer.  With any luck you’ll forget about it and it’ll be there waiting for you in your time of need.  I call these times “candy emergencies”,  I always have at least one piece of candy in my purse at any given point in time for this exact reason.

OR,  you could get creative, and turn your candy into a real bona-fide dessert with one of the recipes below!  (Click the picture to go to the recipe!)

Candy Corn Upside Down Cake from yours truly here at Wee Eats

Halloween Candy Dump Cake from Scarletta Bakes

Halloween Candy Bark from Brown Eyed Baker

Halloween Candy Blondies from Bake or Break

Cake Mix Cookies from My Baking Addiction

Monster Munch from Eat, Drink, Love

Melt them into Halloween Candy Hot Chocolate from The Naptime Chef

Or, just turn it into one giant candy bar with this Mega Fun-Size Bar recipe from Serious Eats

One thought on “What to do with your leftover Halloween Candy

  1. i just can’t do it: I…can’t….do it.
    i had to give all my candy away; i was eating it way too fast. i think i blacked out or something. but it’s gone. next year, i’m going to do something with the leftovers, because i’ll pace myself early in the game.

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