if i were hosting thanksgiving… (a thanksgiving recipe roundup)


Even though I’m working this Thanksgiving, I can’t help but plan what I would make if I were hosting this year.  So I give to you, my Thanksgiving recipe roundup.  Family, close your eyes, because this may be what you’re eating next year!  [ insert evil laugh ]

Ina’s roasted turkey breast, because we only really eat the white meat anyway.  Remember, we don’t judge here.  And I don’t need to buy a whole 20-lb turkey just to have everyone fight over the breast meat.

My favorite cranberry sauce, that I will probably make this year as well, since BF’s family eats the stuff that comes out of a can (yuck!).  No pic for the cranberry sauce, maybe an official post later.  That links to the recipe though, and that’s half the battle.

Mom’s stuffing recipe… which may be posted later… but I don’t have at the moment… it’s bread, onions, sausage, and delicious.  Lots and lots of delicious.

Traditional mashed potatoes, I don’t think we have an official “recipe”, but roasted garlic like the ones over on Annie’s Eats is always a pleasant addition to any potato recipe.

Sweet potatoes, even though I’m the only one who eats them.  And this recipe from Some Kitchen Stories looks like it might be onto something…

Serious Eats has an amazing-looking green bean casserole recipe.  I’ve never been into that whole cream-of-mushroom-soup mess so these may convert me from a hater to a lover.

For bread, I could make life easy with these easier-than-pie dinner rolls.  But don’t these olive oil fantails look much prettier?

I certainly think so.

Desserts are something that are never lacking in our house.  Ever year I make my praline pumpkin cake, which is not “too pumpkiny” (as if that’s a thing!).

I also love this caramel apple pie, which wakes up your boring traditional pie with caramel and crunch.

And… maybe even this lightest-ever-pumpkin-cheesecake that I fell in love with when I made it last year.  It’s so good.  Seriously.

And of course we can’t forget the drinks!  I don’t know about you, but a glass or two seems to help make the entire experience much more tolerable enjoyable. 🙂  Right?  And this apple cider sangria from How Sweet Eats would be the perfect balance of cider and wine (not to mention a pretty presentation).  Don’t you think?

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2 thoughts on “if i were hosting thanksgiving… (a thanksgiving recipe roundup)

  1. an ‘if i were hosting thanksgiving’ roundup; GOOD IDEA!! i feel like next year we need to dedicate a pinterest board to it. i’m super tempted by that pumpkin cheesecake, because you mentioned it was light. the first thing that comes to my mind when thinking about pumpkin cheesecakes is “heavy” and that is NOT A GOOD THOUGHT when you are pairing it with heavy dinner. light? makes it super interesting.
    i was JUST also thinking about making some sort of thanksgivingy cocktail….

    • Seriously, the pumpkin cheesecake is SO GOOD! I’m not a huge cheesecake person on account of the denseness(?). But omg… that cheesecake. Yeah. Now I think I have to make it again…

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