2 thoughts on “if i were hosting thanksgiving… (a thanksgiving recipe roundup)

  1. an ‘if i were hosting thanksgiving’ roundup; GOOD IDEA!! i feel like next year we need to dedicate a pinterest board to it. i’m super tempted by that pumpkin cheesecake, because you mentioned it was light. the first thing that comes to my mind when thinking about pumpkin cheesecakes is “heavy” and that is NOT A GOOD THOUGHT when you are pairing it with heavy dinner. light? makes it super interesting.
    i was JUST also thinking about making some sort of thanksgivingy cocktail….

    • Seriously, the pumpkin cheesecake is SO GOOD! I’m not a huge cheesecake person on account of the denseness(?). But omg… that cheesecake. Yeah. Now I think I have to make it again…

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