Thursday Things – HAPPY THANKSGIVING! – and what to do with your leftovers

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Today’s Thursday Things will be exactly what you’re looking for – How to use up those Thanksgiving leftovers.  After you emerge from your food coma, rub your eyes and say hello to Friday (or late Thursday night)… this post will be here for you.  To help get you through the large pile of food that remains from your Thanksgiving feast.

[ As always, click the picture to get the recipe ]

A simple sandwich is always the easiest answer to your Thanksgiving leftovers.  We usually make ours with leftover rolls (or whatever bread is around).  I’m currently crushing on this sandwich from Foodie Crush… so much so that I may even use it as my actual Thanksgiving dinner…

If you’re the “hair of the dog” type, maybe this hash will cure your Thanksgiving Hangover

If you’re feeling like you need some pasta in your life, try Brown Eyed Baker’s Turkey Tetrazzini

Or if you’re a southwest girl (as I am slowly mutating into) how about some Turkey Enchiladas?

If you’re feeling like an overstuffed turkey yourself, alleviate your guilt with A Periodic Table’s Chinatown Turkey Salad

And I’m no stranger to this whole rigged-soup idea from Serious Eats.  I used a similar recipe last year to turn our leftover turkey into turkey-and-dumplings soup!

If you’re still just too exhausted to even think about making an actual “meal”, you can always just make a sandwich, panini, or even a quesadilla, like this one from Momtastic…

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