Thursday Things


Thanksgiving has come and gone (just like the pie above) and it is likely that I will be in a permanent food coma until the end of the year.  I realize some of you may still be detoxing, so please forgive me for all the sugar-talk that your eyes are about to ingest.

As many of you know, I have signed up for the GREAT FOOD BLOGGER COOKIE SWAP.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I still have no idea what cookie I am going to send.  I only know that I must send it by Wednesday, the 5th.  So, if you got me as your match… I will be equally as surprised as you are.  Well, only a few days less so.

So with December (the month of Christmas Cookies) rapidly approaching, and having to bake and research cookies anyway for the cookie swap, Wee Eats is going to enter a cookie vortex and the month of December will officially be deemed COOKIE-EMBER.

No wait, that doesn’t sound right.

DE-COOKIE-ER… no… ok.  I give up.  Let’s just call it what it is COOKIE MADNESS!

Very similar to space madness, but with cookies instead.

Do you love my chincy logo?  I just learned how to make it.  Like 3 minutes ago.  Don’t hate.  It’s a beautiful 3-minute logo.  (I think I may already be suffering from a little “cookie madness”… oops?)

Whatever.  Don’t lie.  You love it.  If you think you don’t you’re just lying to yourself.

And if you think it looks like a cookie with chicken pox, you’re also lying to yourself.  Chicken pox are red and those are clearly brown like chocolate chips.

So every week (until we reach Christmas) I will give you a new cookie recipe.  Exciting, right?  Assuming, of course, I don’t go into a sugar coma or diabetic shock before hand.

That might be a big assumption.


Have you seen that Cadbury created chocolate that DOESN’T MELT!  Well, I mean, it melts… eventually, but not until like 104 degrees or something like that.  Honestly, it kinda weirds me out.  Our bodies are what, like 98.6-ish?  Which means when you chew it up it will stay solid?  No melting?  That kind of sorcery is too weird for me!

I’ve also recently discovered the magic of a site called Issuu.  Issuu allows you to publish, or in my case READ, online “magazines” … for free!  Like this lovely magazine from FoodieCrush.  Which I probably shouldn’t have even looked at because now I’m even MORE undecided about which cookie to make for the cookie swap.  WHY MUST YOU HAVE SO MANY COOKIES?!?!  WHYYYY???

Sorry… tangent.

Boyfriend sent me this sandwich recipe, which actually looks relatively delish (and easy!).  So that may be on the menu soon.  Not this week.  I’m pretty sure we are going to eat cookies for every meal this week.  The fish sauce freaks me out a bit though… no way I’m putting three tablespoons of that stuff in there, no sir.

I’ve also really been craving some good tomato soup with grilled cheese, except that’s cold weather food and our highs are still in the 80s.  THE 80’S!!!!  It’s sunny and 80-something degrees out and the neighbors have their Christmas lights up and … and …

I’m sorry.  I’m apparently very unstable today.  Quite unstable indeed.  It’s all this cookie planning.  IT’S DRIVING ME MAD!!

One thought on “Thursday Things

  1. I’M SO READY FOR COOKIE MADNESS!!! it’s like you’re going to be my Special Holiday Cookie edition of a favorite magazine. Only, i know you and you’re not a magazine. but still!
    OMG. i never even thought about the fact that body temp will not melt that cadbury chocolate!!! you are so right about that! I mean, bread doesn’t melt in your mouth when you eat it, and we’re all used to that, but chocolate? it would be different. Also, what if M&M’s used this mystical chocolate to make their candies? Then M&M’s would NOT melt in your mouth, in addition to them not melting in your hand. Mind = blown.
    i can’t even think after that. Pick your cookie for the swap already! the suspense!!!!
    ps: that pie picture rocks.

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