Thursday Things


COOKIE MADNESS HAS OFFICIALLY BEGUN!!!  So far, I have given you cream cheese stuffed red velvet cookies, with many more to come.  I was thinking one recipe a week, but it might end up being more … might.  There are just so many cookies.

So.  Many.  Cookies.

Speaking of cookies, I’m SO HAPPY that my cookie swap cookies are mailed and I don’t have to worry about that anymore.  After testing several recipes (as you can see above) I ended up sending the very first cookie I thought of anyway. (Isn’t that how it always works?)

At least I got some COOKIE MADNESS posts out of it, right?


Also, I received my first batch of cookie swap cookies in the mail yesterday! Some absolutely delectable chai snickerdoodles from Leslie of It’s My Kitchen.


They couldn’t have come at a better time, as BF was following me around asking where all the cookies were, convinced that none were coming.  🙂  She also included an adorable snowflake ornament!  Thank you, Leslie!

Reason 23928437284 that I love Trader Joes…


DO YOU SEE THIS?!?!  SAN MARZANO TOMATOES FOR $3.99?????  MADNESS!  We have plenty of tomatoes at home, but I still had to grab a few cans of San Marzano just in case they disappear forever by the time I come back because I actually need them…

Now that Thanksgiving and the cookie swap are over, I can relax for about .4 seconds before it’s time to start stressing out about Christmas instead.  🙂

Oh, and those of you who still can’t see my Facebook posts, have you tried this trick yet?  I posted it to Facebook, but obviously if you can’t see my updates, it wasn’t very helpful to you 😉

wee eats

Oh, and I was nominated for some food blog award thing, but their website is medium uncooperative (for me, anyway) but if you want to head over to and try to vote for me, go ahead.  You basically just go there, sign in, and click the “love” box next to my name.  Easy peasy, right?


I don’t think I’m anywhere close to “best food blogger of 2012” but I think it’s adorable and an honor that I am even nominated.  So give some love, spread the love, and spread the word to your friends to make them love me too… or something like that.  😉

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