Thursday Things


BF got me toe socks.  Well, he got “me” toe socks, then mentioned in passing that he had never worn toe socks before.  Clearly this was something that required immediate attention.  Result?  Rocking our toe socks together.  Adorable, right?  Disregard my hairy legs… I’ve been starting off the new year “au naturale”…

Just kidding, those are CLEARLY Boyfriend’s legs!  Geez… What kind of girl do you take me for!?

If you love to stare at food all day (like yours truly) check out the January desktop from Some Kitchen Stories.  It makes me want to crawl inside my computer screen.  Maybe it’s safer if you don’t….

As part of my goal this year to be more generally healthful, I’ve been paying attention to things.  Things like this infographic which has been circulating the interwebs with the best sources of the “13 essential vitamins” that our bodies need to keep running at 100%.

In addition, I tried Kombucha for the first time.  Apparently it’s supposed to be like magic for your body… I’m not 100% sure how. It smells kinda like cider vinegar, is fizzy, and tastes not as offensive as you would guess.


I didn’t get any superpowers from drinking it.  Not immediately, at least.  At $2.00/bottle I think I’ll save my money… Lord knows the last thing that I need is another expensive (food-related) habit.

Plus, I can put all that money I save towards fresh produce instead, like for my fresh fruit smoothie that I posted earlier this week.  Since Santa brought me a shiny, new blender and I got myself a fancypants juicer (Actually, it’s not very fancypants at all.  It was super reasonably-priced and on sale.  You can check out the very same one here!)…

I used my brand new juicer to make my first ever GREEN JUICE!


It tasted way better than I thought it would.  I even got BF to drink some!  I used a recipe which is supposed to be like the “Blue Print Cleanse” green juice.  I plan to (eventually) do some sort of cleanse probably, so I’m testing the recipes to make sure they’re edible… er.. drinkable, rather.

My only complaint is that aside from this picture being on the box…

…my apples were too big to fit down the hole.  Stupid hole.  I don’t really want to start measuring my apples before I bring them home, but slicing is so hard sometimes!  Also, a few of my lighter veggies (like micro-greens and spinach) started floating away in the air that was shooting out of the veggie hole, which made it kinda like a big micro-greens-confetti-bomb exploded in my kitchen.  (Note: that may be grossly slightly over-exaggerated)

I normally like to “surprise”everyone with what’s going on in my kitchen, but I thought maybe I should give you a sneak peek at what I’ve been working on (recipes coming soon):


Although, if you follow me on Instagram you can usually get a pretty good idea of what I’ve been up to.

Next month is my 2-year BLOGIVERSARY and I hate to spoil surprises, but I am terrible at keeping secrets, so I might as well tell you now that there is going to be a giveaway involved.  If you haven’t already, you may want to like the Wee Eats Facebook page to make sure that you get the announcement.

Yes.  A giveaway.  Be excited!

3 thoughts on “Thursday Things

    • Thanks for visiting, Movita! Everyone needs toe socks!

      My mom totally used to have an apple contraption just like that one, but it refused to suction to the counter and was therefor impossible to use! Maybe I should try to find one that will stick and give it a whirl (get it?? a whirl!)

      I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself. I did find a bag of “2 1/2 inch” apples that I bought (it totally said that on the bag!) and I was able to push them down the chute just fine!

  1. i see we have a new visitor to thursday things! it’s addictive, movita, i’m warning you. especially the cats; man, THE CATS! confession: i’ve never put my toes in toe socks; no one has ever been so kind as to purchase me toe socks, and i suppose they seem so festive that i feel like i can’t buy them for myself. perhaps one day, my toes will ALSO be that festive.

    i can’t wait for the coming soon food! i’m anxiously awaiting that thing at the end there with the drizzle! and i’m really into this whole juicer already; you know this, but i just am going to warn you. i’m excited.

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