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I will never get over the sunsets here.  That’s all I have to say about that.  They are one of the good things about living here.

Oh, and this, this is pretty good too.  This is what we had to deal with on Wednesday.  Be jealous.


Despite the beautiful two days we just had, last week they were going crazy over the “cold snap” here in Phoenix.  Temperatures actually hit below freezing! (Gasp).  Yesterday we broke records for the heat, and last week we were breaking records for the cold.  It’s ALMOST like we had seasons.  Almost.

Either way, last week’s cold stint had me craving soup something fierce, so I entered this conveniently-timed giveaway on Serious Eats for the book Stewed! – Even if you don’t win, you can still catch some of the recipes from the book as they test their way through them over on Serious Eats.  If you’re interested, you can enter here!


Apparently Sophie loves to watch other animals on TV.  This show about puppies was on and BF and I looked up to see this.  She’s just entranced by those puppies.  Hilarious!  Maybe it’s time for us to get her a puppy-sibling. 😉

I swear I jumped up and down in glee when this post showed up on 101 cookbooks.  From green juice to sesame milk, she did all the juice testing so I didn’t have to!   If any of you have a juicer, or are considering a juicer, I recommend checking out her post about juicing.

I’m not actually sure if I can make all the things she does (I feel like water may come spraying out of the sides?) but there’s only one way to find out!  And it certainly wouldn’t be my first juicing mess – I totally had a “forgot-to-put-the-pitcher-under-the-spout” moment the other day when I made carrot juice.  I was too busy panicking and frantically cleaning to snap a picture of the enormous mess I made.  Maybe next time…

Oh, and BF and I hit the store last night and guess what I found on sale!

photo (1)

DO YOU SEE THAT!?  PEANUT BUTTER TOAST CRUNCH!?  AND CRISPY MINI WHEATS!? Ok, you’re probably not as excited as I am about it, but I’ve got big plans this weekend.  Mostly involving my pajamas and LOTS of cereal.  So much cereal.

Last, but not least, I want to give a huge (and colorful)


to Shannon at A Periodic Table who just won the 2013 RFT award for Best Food Blog in St. Louis, and is BASICALLY famous now.  If you haven’t stopped by her page yet, you need to check it out.  As in, like, right now.

2 thoughts on “thursday things

  1. okay, addendum: I’m not basically famous. Here’s why: i’m still sitting on the floor, reading my favorite post of the week from anyone (Thursday Things) and putting on makeup at the same time. Does Lady Gaga do that? Honey Boo Boo? I doubt it. I’m keeping it real.
    Although i DO feel like i can leverage my win to get myself a juicer, right? You’re having so much fun with yours! I’m checking out that juicer-testing post for sure. I had ZERO idea they made peanut butter toast crunch OR mini wheats crunch? WHERE HAVE I BEEN? I could live on cereal. Truth.
    AZ sunsets really are the best: also sunrises. You win. But i have actual seasons. 🙂

    • You’re so sweet to say that, but you’re totally famous. Now that your famous maybe you can tell Breville to send you a juicer for your fancy blogger review, right? 🙂

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