Thursday Things – Happy Valentine’s Day!


It’s Valentine’s Day and that is the card my wonderful, loving boyfriend got me.  It came all the way from Europe.  It’s extra hilarious because the one that I got him looks like this:


Same thing… pretty much.  Right?  Right.

I also found these super cute owl printables that I gave out to the people at work (because I’m 5 years old).  Seriously.  So cute.


And then there’s Rachael over at Movita Beaucoup who posted a link to this pretty amazing love letter to carbs.  I can totally relate.

The BF and I usually don’t do gifts for Valentine’s Day (dinner at our favorite restaurant is enough of a gift), but this year he surprised me with physical gifts, too!  Of course, since he has no self-control, I received them as they arrived.  🙂

Gift 1: Miracle Berries!!!


Have you heard of these things?  They make sour sweet and sweet sour.  I can’t wait to try them!

Gift 2 & 3: An adorable owl bank.  I’m medium obsessed with owls (in case you haven’t noticed yet).  BF also got me these nesting owl measuring cups 🙂  Aren’t they the cutest thing ever!?

owl  owl 2
AND… if you’re still scrambling around for Valentine ideas, or if you’re planning celebrating late because Thursday is seriously a pretty lame day for Valentine’s Day (BF and I are actually celebrating tomorrow)

Or if you hate Valentine’s Day and I wasn’t able to change your mind… Here are some delicious recipes to make and share, or eat alone (no judgment from me!)

Valentine’s Recipe Round-Up

For dinner…

How about some super easy chicken parmesan?  Even the BF who used to “hate chicken parm” LOVES this recipe (and it’s the only chicken parm he will eat!)

super easy chicken parmesan

Or, if you’re feeling a little fancy, how about some fig and goat cheese stuffed chicken breasts from Love & Olive Oil?

fig & goat cheese stuffed chicken breast from love and olive oil

Or, I guess if you’re not into chicken, you could always do Bakeaholic Mama’s beef bourguignon

Bakaholic Mama's Beef Bourg

Or some stuffed shells for the vegetarian (not vegan) valentine 😉

vegetarian stuffed shells

For dessert…

Make something simple like Brown Eyed Baker’s flourless chocolate cake, and throw on a dash of Valentine sprinkles

brown-eyed baker flourless chocolate cake

or maybe cut some delicious brownies into heart shapes

a periodic table's espresso chocolate brownies

Or, if you’re really low on time, try some heart-shaped strawberry rice krispy treats from Foodie Crush

foodie crush strawberry krispies

3 thoughts on “Thursday Things – Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Omg, those miracle berry things are SO cool. You must try them immediately! Before you do, stock up on like 10 different kinds of fruit, especially lemons…then take a pill and go to town. You will be completely amazed.

    I can’t blame you for the owl obsession. I think Shannon told you, but I had a real live owl at my wedding and he was SO SO SO SO cute! He was an adult but just some tiny kind. I’ll have to show you a pic sometime.

    Hope you had a nice dinner with your love 🙂

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