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In the mean time, enter this giveaway!

So to celebrate lasting two years, and as a huge thank you to all of my readers old and new, I have decided to have my first ever giveaway.  The winner will receive their very own copy of  The Art & Soul of Baking.

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This is a great book for new and experienced bakers, it offers a ton of tips and tricks, as well as a great array of basic baking recipes with a variety of adaptations for each.  You may remember my favorite oatmeal cookie recipe, which was inspired by this amazing book.

It also gives great step-by-steps for a lot of its recipes.  If you’re trying to learn or master new techniques, this book will give you the guidance and confidence needed to do so.

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They aren’t paying me to promote their book, and I didn’t get this book for free, I really just love this book and its recipes.  Like the recipe for these scrumptious home made ding dongs that I made to celebrate my blogs 2nd anniversary.  Consequently, given that Hostess has recently found itself um… nonexistent, this may very well be the only way to get your ding-dong fix!

I will be posting that recipe in just a few short days here, but for now, without further ado, THE GIVEAWAY!  Use the form below to enter, you can gain extra entries by doing different things like commenting, liking the Wee Eats Facebook page, or following @wee_eats on Instagram.  The winner will be chosen at random from all of the entries in time for next week’s Thursday Things.

Best of luck to all of you!

Note: The giveaway is open to United States residents only.


Hopefully, in the mean time, I can wee-eats back to it’s normal functioning self <3

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6 thoughts on “Pardon my dust… & A GIVEAWAY

  1. I LOVE THE NEW SITE! I hope you’re getting things running in the way you want them too; you’re still performing what I know would be my worst nightmare by moving everything, but you gotta do what you gotta do, right?
    Confession: for as much as i live at SLT, i have never once purchased a cookbook from there; what is wrong with me? I think they’re not on display in as prominent a position as they are in Williams-Sonoma, or maybe it’s that i’m way too busy ogling all the gadgets at SLT. Even if I don’t win, i’m totally putting this book on my “to purchase” list.
    PS: i know (after some thought) that the raffle thing is called a Rafflecopter, but i SWEAR for the first few minutes reading this i was convinced you had told me it was called a Rafflepotomus. I do NOT know why.

    • rafflepotomus would be THE BEST NAME EVER!!! hahahaha

      Yeah, books aren’t on display as well at SLT, I often described SLT as being “like WS… if it was hit by an earthquake” lol

  2. Sur la Table is one of my all-time favorite stores…I can spend hours in there. I don’t have this cookbook but did check it out of the library at one point and I remember liking it. My all-time favorite baking book is David Lebovitz’s “Ready for Dessert”…love him!

    • I’ve seen some of the beautiful recipes from Jerusalem featured online – it looks like a wonderful book. I’ll have to check it out 🙂

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