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I can’t believe that February is over and that March is looming right around the corner.  Like, RIGHT around the corner.  Like, TOMORROW around the corner.  I’m so not ready.  Soon it will be spring, I will be another year older, and next thing I know I will blink and I’m planning Thanksgiving and Christmas menus… Oh my!

I found a new instagram cat to be obsessed with.  Well, he’s not really new, but I haven’t shared him with you yet.  His name is Roku, and he is amazing.  To prove to you how amazing he is, here are some of his pictures.


Oh, and he even has his own youtube page.

I saw these wall decorations on sale at Homegoods the other day and immediately sent a pic to the BF to tell him how badly we needed them.


I wanted to get all of them and have an entire family of manatees on the wall of our living room.  I mean, who doesn’t need a whole wall full of manatees?  No one, that’s who.  No one doesn’t need a whole wall of manatees.  (It’s a double negative, it totally works.)

Oh, and BF got me these super cute puzzle erasers the other day, paired with the dino erasers from before, I now have like a whole eraser entourage on my desk at work.  It’s medium ridiculous.

puzzle eraser

Also, after weeks of tireless searching (ok, maybe more like a few days of taking a slightly-out-of-my-way trip down the chip aisle) I finally found one of the new Lay’s flavors to try.

sriracha lays

I was bummed that this was all I found, but then I stumbled upon a whole container full of mini bags of all the flavors at Walgreens (of all places), so I promptly bought a bag of each… you know, for science.  After minutes of serious empirical testing, I am happy to announce that I have figured out what the best flavor is!  Have any of you tried these yet?  What do you think?  What’s your favorite flavor?

Now, since I know that this is what you guys are really here for….



Thank you, Janet, for reading Wee Eats and participating in the giveaway!

Janet, please e-mail your mailing address to wee.eats(at)gmail(dot)com to claim your prize.  

If I don’t hear from the winner by midnight EST on Sunday, March 3rd, a new winner will be selected at random to receive the book. 

6 thoughts on “thursday things (& THE WINNER IS…)

  1. So, also in the name of science, my co-workers and I taste-tested all three new varieties of Lay’s potato chips. In a pool of 14 people, it was a pretty close race…. Chicken & Waffles and Cheesy Garlic Bread (<- my favorite) were tied with 5 votes each… Sriracha was barely behind with 4 votes (for those who didn't feel like doing the math). 🙂

    • Haha – I love your test panel, Deveny. Cheesy garlic tasted JUST LIKE … cheesy garlic bread! Like, surprisingly so. I expected them to be so much worse… My vote is for the chicken and waffle, personally 🙂

  2. 1. don’t EVEN with the spring being around the corner. it’s like Easter time already! WHAT IS UP WITH THAT! so many holidays all at once!
    2. holy mother, scottish folds cats are basically my favorite. your ears are folded and therefore your head is so roundy i can’t stop looking at you. Because you are crazy adorable and YOUR EARS ARE FOLDED 24/7.
    3. lol homegoods is a fave of mine specifically b/c of the randomness they keep in stock there. I was going along one day, and it was the hanging mirror aisle, and i was all “okay…mirror, mirror, mirror, fake hanging deer head, mirror…what?” You have to love their originality and “no fear” attitude towards home decor.
    4. you already know how i feel about those erasers.
    5. i looked at my grocery last time i was there, to no avail, for the chip flavors. so i will be heading to walgreens for the little bags as you said. they weren’t at target either! i may do that today and have a little tasting party. i’ll tell you if they have all three.

    • You MUST go to Walgreens immediately and let me know what you think! BFF in Columbus, OH found them at the Walgreens there, so I think that’s the official place to find them.

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