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This is Sophie.  Most of you already know her.  What you probably don’t know is that when she gets scared she goes all “raccoon tail” which makes her hilariously adorable.  Unfortunately for her, it makes the desire to shock and frighten her almost irresistible.

I got the saddest news ever yesterday, originally from Movita, then confirmed when I logged into my Google Reader.


I don’t know what to do with myself.  How will I read my blogs?  HOW!??!

They say I can import it to “another reader product” but I’m just assuming they will recreate my beloved gReader in another form, right?  Right???  I feel so betrayed…

Do any of you read with something besides Google Reader?  If so, what do you use?

I’m one of those people who is super paranoid about food, I religiously follow expiration dates and even have an insulated bag for my cold groceries so they can stay cold for the drive home from the store (which is more important for the summer here in AZ).  Very few things are considered edible after a few days, even though I know that they are probably good for longer, but I just don’t like that whole guessing game that I have to play.  Is it good?  Is it not good?  How long ago did I open it?

I think I will have to print this infographic (which I found on Foodbeast) and tape it to the refrigerator door because apparently everything is good for way longer than I thought it was.  It even tells you the recommended way to store each item.  I mean 2 months for an apple?? Looks like I don’t have to throw away those apples from last week that I didn’t get around to juicing yet.  Although somethings (cough-pizza-cough) I’ve been keeping for way too long.  2 days for pizza leftovers?  Get real.

Apparently the best way to reduce food waste is to to know when it actually becomes waste.

So, I made the mistake of going to the “Apartment” section of ModCloth and came across these beautiful things.  And also about a thousand other things that I now need to have.

salt and pepper owl

And it’s my birthday month, which means I should be allowed to just buy everything and not worry about how much it costs, right?  Something like that…

And has anyone seen this comet yet?  I was apparently “too late” last night, I didn’t know there was like  2 second window of opportunity to see it every night so tonight I am going to go out earlier to look.  And if that doesn’t work I’m going to sit on the side of a mountain with full view of the horizon and WAIT FOR THE SUN TO SET so that I can see the friggin thing!

Oh, and I’m SUPER EXCITED to share this weekend’s cake with you.  Because it’s going to be my ACTUAL birthday cake.  CAN’T WAIT!!!   Spoiler alert: Here is a sneak peek!



10 thoughts on “thursday things

  1. Very sad about Google Reader. I’m testing Feedly which seems to be the best alternative and will seemsly transition when Google kills Reader off in July. Give it a try 🙂

    • Thanks, I’ll have to check it out! I’m still in total denial about google reader, like when they said they were killing off Google Docs and then introduced Google Drive instead lol

  2. hi, sophie! i LOVE that tail. It’s a good look for you.
    I think i’ve moved on to the second stage of grief right now: Anger. Well, i guess maybe it’s more accurate to say i’m in between grief stages; although i know it’s happening, i refuse to move anything or look at alternatives and i’m angry about the fact that someday i’ll have to do it.
    I’m disturbed by that infographic, because i almost completely disagree with it! (oh no!) You can’t possibly freeze cucumbers or tomatoes and have them resemble their fresh counterparts. Peaches, same. Salad with dressing is good for 2-3 days? NOT EVEN. Salad with dressing isn’t even good for dinner when you had it for lunch. WHY AM I SO ANGRY ABOUT THE INFOGRAPHIC!?!? i think it’s residual anger from the google reader. I’m so sorry. 🙂
    i actually just am now thinking i want to take this infographic and prove it wrong. that’s how upset i am over google reader and it doesn’t even have anything to do with google reader. *displaced anger*
    i am way too excited to see your cake in all its blog post glory for your birthday. FOR REAL.

    • Hahahaha, I mostly ignored the “freezer” section, but they totally sell frozen peaches and stuff at the store (never seen cucumbers frozen, I must admit, nor can I think of a way that I would use frozen cucumber… tzatziki maybe??? Possibly…)
      I was most surprised by how long some stuff was (apples, 2 months?) and then like 2 days for pizza? REALLY? 2 days? I’m totally testing some of this stuff. BF and I get into the eternal “expiration date” debate. For example, he fails to acknowledge that once you open a container, the “expiration date” is no longer the real expiration date… /shudder

      AT LEAST several times a week there is the following exchange:
      BF: “Where is ___?” a
      Me: “I threw it away”
      Me: No, You can’t eat it, I threw it away because it won’t be good anymore!!!
      BF: You always throw everything away when I want to eat it!

      I swear he has some way to detect what I throw away every day JUST SO that he can request to eat that specific item.

  3. Aw man, I guess my first-commenter streak is over 🙁 Damn work actually had me occupied yesterday.

    I love when my kitty gets poofy tail! Her tail is actually striped so it totally looks like a raccoon 🙂 Sophie’s expression is pretty terrified in that pic though.

    I prob shouldn’t admit it, but I keep my apples for MONTHS. And usually they’re still tasty (granny smiths for the most part), but they will occassionally taste like refrigerator. At that point, they’re still good for baked goods!

    Nate bought me an owl salt and pepper shaker as a present and brought it home from california! I’ll have to take a pic, it’s pretty cool. One is a tree and the other is an owl that sits in the tree.

    I’m not going to even mention G—-R—- ( I can’t even type the whole name) for fear that I will have a panic attack right here and now.

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