Thursday Things


So after four days of gyming, green juice, and that lovely kale salad above… I can say that I am finally ready to “carpe bellaria” which, according to the internet, is Latin for SEIZE THE DESSERT.  Ya know, like “carpe diem” but with dessert instead… not as in, “Guards!  Seize that dessert!”

Ya know what, nevermind… Let’s just pretend that never happened.

Point is, I want these in my life.


Those are brownies, people.  Stuffed with Reeses eggs and marshmallow.  Amazing, right?

And I saw this jacket yesterday and immediately needed to find a small child to put it on.


How freaking amazingly adorable is that!?  Naturally, I had to see if they had an owl one too.  Good news: They do!

Bad news:  It doesn’t come in grown-up sizes 🙁


Also stumbled across this article on how to disinfect your kitchen sponges and the good news is that I’ve been doing a stellar job of disinfecting them!  I had no clue if microwaving or dishwashing my sponges actually disinfected them, but it turns out that both techniques get rid of 99.99999% of the bacteria!

Oh, and while we’re here can we discuss a pet peeve of mine?  This picture (borrowed from a Facebook friend) pretty much sums it up

macaron v macaroon

Macarons are magical French cookies made from ground almonds, macarOOns are… well, filled with coconut…  so I’ve never eaten one (true story).

Now that I’m older, wiser, and more adventurous I could possibly give one a try, but you cannot call them the same thing.  They are totally different.  If you have never had the french macaron, I suggest you google your closest bakery that may have them and head there immediately.

They’re that good.

In other news, I’ve got a really tasty cake in mind for you guys this weekend, coming up on Sunday morning (which will give me enough time to make it on Saturday, and give you enough time to make it Sunday afternoon).  🙂



7 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. Alright, I feel compelled to comment now so I can prove to you that I’m not slacking on my 1st commenter job! Also,did you see the s+p shaker pic i posted for you??? I have received no mention of it from you and I can’t imagine you don’t love it.

    That bunny jacket is so cute. I actually bought my friend’s baby a little lamb coat, complete with ears and tail. SO CUTE!!! I can’t wait to have a baby to dress. Maybe when I get better at sewing, I can make you an owl coat. I’ll work on it 😉

    OMG, i hate when people call macarons, macaroons! It pisses me off so much but I dont’ want to correct them and have them think i’m a know-it-all or something. But you should just know these things!

    • You really can’t correct people without sounding like a complete jerk lol


  2. When people confuse macarons with macaroons, I can actually feel rage building within my chest. Like, I get a boob ache.

    Also, those coats are so cute that I almost forgot that kids are gross.

  3. how is it even possible that i missed two whole Thursday Things! vacation this year put me in some sort of strange twilight zone…i no like it!
    i see you’ve de-sugared from birthday month with our kale salad; that makes me so happy! i’m still desugaring myself. but now, give sugar a hug for me on your trip. 🙂

    you know, there’s such thing as a spanish macaron/macaroon that is neither macaron nor macaroon. discuss. for serious, i made them. it more closely resembles the macaron than macaroon due to it’s almond flour component (no coconut) but it’s not crazy finicky, and it takes no unicorns to make them. because i’m not a unicorn. thank god. well, no…i wouldn’t mind if i were a unicorn…

    • Unicorns are magical creatures, we’d all be lucky to be unicorns. But then, maybe not, since they would most definitely be endangered. I’m sure people would hunt them for their horns. Did you know that rhino horns are just hair? I learned that on our trip to SD … of all things to learn.
      I think I saw your spanish macaron/oon before and was thoroughly confused, but now I know. Clearly I didn’t read the post at the time and just looked at the pictures lol. I will have to do more research. I made macarons once (before I blogged) with great success, and then again later with much less success, I must try again for the blog, bc my phones are from like a super old cell phone and they simply wouldn’t do, although I’ve got other posts with equally terrible photos. 🙂

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