Thursday Things

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As it often does, life latched onto me hard for the last couple weeks leaving me no time for blogging as I was busy landscaping, remodeling, and working… I’ve barely had time to bake, let alone blog!

When the house is a mess (even from a small project) my whole groove is off and I can’t focus on anything until the house is back in order.  Like the clutter just messes up my whole rhythm, messes up my feng shui or something, I don’t know quite how to explain it…

Does anyone else have that problem?  Or am I just a crazy person?

It’s probably better if you don’t answer that…

Although we did manage to get thing put back together last weekend, and I even managed to make some stuff, but I still had no time to sit down and actually write a post, and no time for our Thursday Things.  But I promise, I haven’t forgotten about you.

In fact, I actually kinda missed you guys…

So, despite my Cinco de Mayo roundup, our taco plans fell through and I ended up throwing together a last minute Chipotle Burger for Cinco de Mayo dinner…

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They are similar to this recipe from awhile back, but with spicy colby jack cheese – yes that’s a thing apparently – and chipotles and adobo mixed straight into the beef.

Super tasty.

And yes, that’s a store-bought bun.  Wanna know the secret to making a store-bought bun extra delicious?  Grilling it!  Seriously, try it out next time.  Brush it with some butter or olive oil, or (in this case) chipotle mayo… and grill it.  On a piece of foil though, or else a lot of the bun will stay on the grill…

I’ve been mostly making quick things, like I discovered these chicken tenders in the frozen food aisle at Trader Joe’s and recreated BF’s favorite buffalo chicken sliders from a local restaurant.  Cost at the restaurant: $10.25  for 3 tiny sliders vs $7.49 for a WHOLE BAG OF TENDERS… yeah, clearly this is the way to go.

For these I just took regular dinner rolls, split them, made some quick cole slaw (for crunch) and tossed the cooked tenders in buffalo sauce – It took literally like no time.  I think like 20 minutes for those tenders to cook and the rest was done by the time they were out of the oven.

buffalo chicken slider instagram

Seriously, this chicken works for so many things, and I love that it’s so fast and easy that even BF used it to make some chicken parmesan one night!

Anything that gets the BF to cook dinner is a win in my book! 🙂

Then I used the leftovers and made an assortment of french bread pizzas (including a buffalo chicken one!) – left to right is

1. Bolognese pizza – Bolognese sauce and cheese

2. Buffalo chicken pizza – Chopped chicken tenders, buffalo sauce, and cheese

3. Spinach/Kale white pizza – TJ’s new spinach/kale dip and cheese

french bread pizza

Also, since I’ve banned myself from buying cereal (because we have no less than 10 boxes of cereal, all different flavors, all opened), I’ve made it my mission to finally finish off what is left… so that I can buy more flavors (it’s almost an addiction, really, DID YOU KNOW THEY MADE CHOCOLATE CAPTAIN CRUNCH!? I NEED IT!).

My most recent success was this peanut butter chocolate cereal using chocolate Fiber One (which is actually not as bad as you would think, although I don’t think it tastes like Cocoa Puffs like the article I read claimed) and delicious Peanut Butter Toast Crunch!  Chocolate and peanut butter for breakfast?  WHO COULD SAY NO TO THAT?

Not this girl, that’s for sure.

cereal mix instagram

I’m also trying to get back to my gym routine, I went a little overboard at my first attempt a week or two ago and ended up pretty much unable to move for a whole week.  So, I decided to ease myself in this week, and I’ve been going every other day (for, ya know, 3 times) and it’s working out pretty good.

In other news, slightly less food-related news, I did a happy dance when I opened my email the other day and saw this:

aida mollenkamp twitter

Yes, I realize it’s just twitter, which I mostly just use as another outlet to assault people’s eyes with my instagram pictures, and that it’s probably not even her and just some PR intern… but I still got warm fuzzies inside.

Just sayin’.

If you don’t know about Aida, she’s kinda a big deal, and I’ve been crushing super hard on her blog lately which is filled to the top with some actually pretty nutritious (and very delicious) recipes, like this super tasty avocado toast.

One thought on “Thursday Things

  1. OMG SO WHAT if it’s just twitter!?!?! AIDA MOLLENKAMP IS NOW FOLLOWING YOU!!! for serious, i get really excited when kinda big deal people follow me. Like TED Talks (because i’m convinced someday they’ll invite me to do a TED talk and i’ll pass out) or…well, anyone famous. this is so exciting!

    what are those cookies doing up there? waiting to be mailed to me? that’s what i thought.
    you’re like the queen of quick fixes this week; i like it. superb thursday things, as usual. even if you medium can’t move because of your fierce comeback to the gym (I took off today too b/c i think i twisted my knee? awesome.) 🙂

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