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pb poptart

So, I saw these on Foodbeast and had two reactions:


2. Wait, they existed 27 years ago? Which means that they already did exist, and then were discontinued shortly after my birth?  WTH!?

It was probably for the best, I probably would have weighed 300x the amount I did as a child if these things were around.

Third thought: is it acceptable for a grown up to eat pop tarts?  I’m gonna go with yes on this one… I seriously CAN’T WAIT to find these things in stores.  Can’t.  Wait.  Ima be all

Oh, did I tell you that I just recently realized that after migrating my site to the new server I CAN NOW POST GIFS?

Oh yeah, Thursday Things is gonna be on a whole other level from now on guys.


Meanwhile, on the Kitchn, they showed me this magical gem, which every snack addict needs

JUST THINK OF ALL THE SNACKS YOU COULD STORE IN THERE!! Sandwiches… and combos… and just about anything!  Although I imagine it probably gets pretty hot in there… so I don’t recommend using it to store chocolate.

I made this tart for mother’s day.  I’ve made it several times before, but somehow have yet to post it on the site.  I CAN’T WAIT TO SHARE IT WITH YOU because it’s so easy and so delicious.  Seriously, the best.

instagram strawberry tart

In other news one of my favorite blogs of all time is back, or at least came back for a couple of days to explain her absence.  If you’ve seen the “___ All the Things” meme, then you should know it is from an amazingly-written blog called Hyperbole and a Half.  Please do check it out.  This girl can even make depression entertaining.

One last thing that I can’t help but mention is a local restaurant that has recently been getting a lot of attention…

On Thursday something magical happened.  The BF told me about a restaurant that we had visited awhile back that was going to be on Chef Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares.  We don’t usually watch Kitchen Nightmares, but we were excited to see how this particular restaurant played out.  Unless you have been under a rock for the last week, you undoubtedly know where this story is going.

Basically, after poor yelp reviews from “internet bullies”, this poor delusional woman called Chef Ramsay to come and redeem her restaurant and show the world how amazing their food is.  Needless to say, Chef Ramsay did not tell the world that her food was amazing, and she basically had a meltdown.  You can watch the trainwreck here.

Following her TV meltdown, there was an even greater social media meltdown, where their social media sites were filled with negative comments from “internet bullies” (to be fair, this time they really were internet bullies), but also with their own super classy replies.  Unfortunately, I cannot post any of their replies here, as they are not really… “appropriate.”  Eventually, they claimed that they didn’t post any of the retorts on Facebook, that their Facebook had actually been hacked, and that the FBI was working on finding who was responsible.  Which makes sense, since I heard that Facebook hacking is really high on the FBI’s priorities.

In closing, more GIFs!  Because… RED PANDAS!



And we all know how I feel about red pandas.

6 thoughts on “thursday things

  1. seriously, peanut butter pop tarts?!? This only reinforces my belief that there is NO WAY THESE THINGS SHOULD BE ALLOWED IN THE BREAKFAST AISLE. Because i love cereal, but these aren’t delicious like cereal, but rather like cookies; thus proving they belong in the cookie aisle. and what do you mean after 27 years!?!?! I don’t remember these at all, and i’m 36. Why did they “unrelease” them to begin with?!?! SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!!
    just saying, it’s like the quaker baked oatmeal squares; those aren’t breakfast either, because breakfast doesn’t taste like banana cake and have corn syrup as the second ingredient listed.
    oh no: they’re letting you post GIFs. GIF ALL THE THINGS! 🙂
    I need to watch that Kitchen Nightmares still, because honestly, those people are entertaining enough on FB and in news stories, but i bet it pales in comparison to television. Also i love it when Gordon gets his panties in a bunch, because i love him and his utter lack of tolerance.
    i wish i could buy you a red panda.

    • It was really amazing to watch Gordon Ramsay be rendered speechless. Please do watch it…. I’m pretty sure one of the links up there will even take you to the episode. DO IT!!!

      You’re SO RIGHT! Like S’more pop tarts and all that too – come on guys, you aren’t even trying now, right? Who decided desserts were good for breakfast in the first place? Muffins, donuts, croissants, danishes… come on!

  2. OMG. The girl with the snack jacket (or “Snacket,” as I am forever going to refer to it) definitely has a U-M student ID in her pocket. I’m hunting her down and demanding a custom Snacket of my very own.

    Snacket. It just feels so right.

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