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So you know how it’s impossible to get in and out of Target without spending less than $50?  Like, IMPOSSIBLE.  Even worse when the BF is in tow, because he gets sucked into that “impulse buy” / “cheap deal” area right by the doors, going through all the bins talking about why we need every single thing.  So he picked these out – matching owl luggage tags.  Pretty much the most adorable luggage tags ever.  Now, we just need to go back to Target for some suitcases.  Clearly I was in no place to resist.

Last week  on my lunch break at work, I was slumped over a picnic table in defeat  chatting with mom on the phone enjoying our last not-bajillion-degree day when I looked up and saw this

tree face instagram

My first thought was that it needed sunglasses.  I mean, it’s bright out!  And we don’t have much shade around here… It took ALL of my self-control to not put giant sunglasses on him.  (Yes, CLEARLY it’s a “him”)  Sure this sounds like something that wouldn’t take that much self-control, except that our office is currently decorated in a “beach” theme of some sort, which involves pairs of giant sunglasses hanging all over.  Torture.

Every day I look out the office windows at the blinding sun and shed a tear for our poor tree.  For we have so many giant sunglasses and he has none!  Poor tree.

In less depressing news I finally found my one true love.

pb pop tart

For awhile I was pretty sure that they didn’t really exist, then (at Target of course) there they were.  Waiting for me.  Then, I had to make one of the hardest choices of my life, peanut butter pop tarts, or peanut butter & chocolate pop tarts?  BF innocently suggested that I get both, but I knew how dangerous that was.  So, I chose the plain peanut butter, AND THEY ARE SO GOOD!  It seriously takes like eating a peanut butter cookie … filled with peanut butter.  I didn’t get to toast it (because I ate it at work, where we don’t get to have a toaster and trees don’t get to wear sunglasses) but it was SO DELICIOUS!

The only thing I didn’t like is that IT ONLY COMES WITH THREE POUCHES!  Although, that’s probably for the better.  I still couldn’t help feeling cheated when I opened it… after opening boxes of Pop Tarts all my life and seeing four pouches of toaster pastries in there, THREE!?  What kind of garbage is that!?

passion tea

Since it’s summer out and nothing quenches thirst like a freaking iced tea lemonade from Starbucks (you’d think I’m some sort of commercial, but I’m really not, I just love their passion tea lemonade… Especially when it’s 100+ out.  Even BF agrees and he thinks that all tea “tastes like leafs and twigs”… except this one.  So when I found out that I can buy this at the store I snatched it up quick (along with the green tea one, which BF would NEVER drink… because, ya know, “twigs” or whatever) and now BF and I have been making our own passion tea lemonade!

And I don’t know what has gotten into me because I’m not big on mac & cheese, but apparently if you put Mike and Sully on it I will sell myself out and buy it by the palette if I can.


I realize that at some point I will have to actually eat it, but I will love every bite while I masticate the crap out of those adorable little guys.  Anyone else excited for Monsters University?  No?  Just me?  Nevermind then…

I’ve been working out again (to work off all the pop tarts and mac and cheese) and when I work out I look for pretty much any reason not to.  For example, I almost turned around and drove back home when this happened.


But I spent a whole like three minutes in the car untangling them instead.  I’m so proud of myself for persevering.

Because when you persevere through a workout, you get to eat these for dinner:

meatball slider instagram

And who doesn’t love meatball sliders?


7 thoughts on “thursday things

  1. good: this WAS here when i needed it to be. thank you, Thursday Things.
    don’t even get me started on the Target bewitching that happens every time i walk in the store. It’s all cute. You make me want to run up there right now.
    Serious, put some sunglasses on the tree. you MUST.
    really? only 3 packages of PB pop tarts in a box? that’s robbery. probably better, but still robbery. and i LOVE passion tea from starbucks! i could drink gallons of it; i had no idea i could make it at home. Obviously going to start doing this.
    tangled headphones have made me cry, like actually with tears in public, at the gym before. they are the hardest thing to untangle ever in your life. I’ve heard that if you make one of those tube-y friendship yarn bracelets around them that they stay untangled? but who has time to do that. really. and i even know how to make those.
    *sigh* meatball sliders. i want them.

  2. ok seriously, we’re like the same person. Every time you post one of these Thursday Things, it confirms it more. I’m SO jealous you found those poptarts. There’s like a .01% chance that supermarkets in NY have them. I’ll have to find a way to get to Target in the very near future. And i love kraft mac n cheese with shapes. Nate is like super super excited for Monsters U. He loves all things Pixar.

    How cute that the bf found those luggage tags for you 🙂 I’m so proud of you for not turning around and going home without working out…i totally would have. I’ll use anything as an excuse. Right now mine is that I “just don’t have time.” Um, time when I’m not watching tv, reading food blogs, or eating, that is…. Which is why I have’t been to a gym in about 3 years.

    • oh yeah, and I adore the passion fruit iced tea (i’ve never tried the lemonade but will!), but Nate hates it, just like your bf! He thinks it’s “watery” because I think he like expects it to taste like juice or something. Have you tried Starbucks Cool Lime Refresher drink?? OMG, SO GOOD….especially when it’s really hot out. Get a Grande and ask for light on the ice, otherwise you’ll finish it in one big slurp.

      • TOTALLY getting it next time I go, I feel like I’ve had it, but maybe it was the other one (I think they have two or three flavors?) and it would’ve been forever ago. I made the iced green tea too and I’ve already gone through like a whole pitcher today while I was at work…

    • wait: if you two are the same about peanut butter, are me and nate the same about all things Pixar?!?! Because Pixar (and aside from Pixar, anything done in stop-motion animation, like Coraline) ARE my peanut butter.

      • Well, stop motion is pretty great, except those chicken things… although I could just be being prejudiced against them… I’ve never really given them a fair shake.

  3. If you and nate are the same, that would explain why I’m so fond of you 😉 He totally owns Coraline- he loves dark things. He’s particular about the animation he likes. All things Pixar but not like Ice Age or those other ones.

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