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It’s been raining here.  RAINING!!!

The rain is much-needed and appreciated, the humidity however is not my friend.

One of the good things about living in the desert is that my hair is 10,000% less frizzy and crazy than back home.  Since BF pretty much never has to see my hair like that, he’s had quite the treat lately.  I know what you’re thinking, “Don’t worry, Natalie, it’s all in your head” or “There’s no way it’s as bad as you think.”  But you’d be wrong.  So very wrong.

Oh, you want proof?  My wonderful, loving BF sent that to me the other day



What’s that picture, you ask?  Here, I’ve got a big version for you right here:

someecard hair

Yup.  That’s my wonderful BF, always thinkin’ of me… lol.

There’s been a lot of “homeless” hair around here lately.   I mean, once the humidity hits a certain point, there’s just no point in trying anymore… I’m sure at least some of you girls know what I’m talking about…

Yeah, fuzzy bunny knows what I’m talking about.

But then BF redeemed himself by sharing this with me.


Or, rather, by letting me know that it exists at least.

Come to think of it, I’m not sure why that redeemed him.  I guess my excitement just overshadowed the fact that I CAN’T BUY THIS ANYWHERE IN THE UNITED STATES.

I don’t know how i’m going to get it, but I need to.  Somehow, some way, I will get Oreo Selection in my grasp.  I don’t suppose any of my readers live in that area of the world and also want to ship some to me, no?  Amazon doesn’t have it, or else it would have already been at my doorstep (and likely in my belly) by now.  The tin is even bigger than it looks!!  I NEED IT.

Seriously, Oreo.  It’s not fair to make something so amazing and keep it from me.  Get your act together.

Speaking of amazing things that exist, look at these:

I know not everyone is on the whole jar bandwagon (please don’t use your caps at me, Movita) but I still think that it’s a pretty awesome idea.  Especially for picnicking (or lunch).  Seriously, there are so many uses!  I love them and I don’t care who judges me for it!  I mean, I think we’re all beyond judging.

The first rule of Thursday Things is that all judgment is suspended, right?  Actually, I think that’s the only rule…

I identified especially strongly with one of this week’s NatalieDee posts


She has a ton of great comics, like this one



I always see that “do not use in ears” warning on the back of the box… while I’m Q-tipping my ears… like seriously?  Who is like “Oh no, the box says not to do that…”  In fact, Q-tips are the only product that I purchase SPECIFICALLY FOR the prohibited action listed on the box.

And then, since I’m (technically) a cooking blog, perhaps I should share this one as well.  Not just because it involves cooking, but because it’s SO TRUE.  And I think of it pretty much every time I cook…


God forbid the recipe doesn’t state garlic at all… I mean, I’m sorry, but if your recipe doesn’t include garlic (and isn’t a dessert recipe), I’m adding garlic.  And you should too, because your dish will be infinity better.  Just saying…

Oh, and you all know already, but how could I not add to Thursday Things – I FINALLY HIT 1,000 on Instagram!

1000 follows

Thanks loves!

Last week, I shared a few of the things that I’d been reading.

This week, I will share a few of the videos that I’ve been watching:

I was dying over this amazing raccoon video…  You have to watch it all the way to the end.  ALL THE WAY!

Dead.  He’s so smart!  And ballsy!

And while I usually rely on NPR for news, this week they gave me this video:

9 thoughts on “thursday things

  1. Ok firstly, i love that raindrop sound on your video. I know you may not like the rain, but it looks so cozy there. Plus, I’m guessing it prob cooled down your oven-high temps, and hopefully the humidity will decrease afterwards.
    Secondly, what is that adorable puffball?!?!?! Is that really a rabbit? I want one!!!!
    I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks Qtips are amazing. I know it’s gross, but using a qtip is like the best feeling ever. Where are you supposed to stick them if not in your ears?
    Oh, and I always like quadruple the amount of garlic a recipe calls for!

  2. 1. homeless hair? the WORST. I get that completely. Although i find Winter Static Hair up here to be somewhat like living in the ninth circle of hell.
    2. oreo selection: really!!!!! not on Amazon?!?! BS…what about Amazon UK? we have to find these. like, today. i am on it.
    3. i think this application of food in jars is different than like, desserts in jars. like if its a practical, portable thing? it’s okay. if it’s just in a jar but all floofed up so you couldn’t do anything but serve it ON A PLATE, then i’m in the same camp as movita.
    4. obviously i need to add NatalieDee to my blog reader, STAT. and seriously, WTF ELSE are q-tips for? I’ve always wondered that b/c i’ve seen that “warning” on the back: could ALL MOTHERS be wrong about this? no. i think not. Shut up, Q-tips.
    5. I am so proud of you on hitting 1,000 follows on Instagram! I am unsurprised; your instagrams are epic. Because of you, i finally got un-lazy and started a work instagram. someday i’ll promote it when i actually have photos of food to add.:)
    6. videos: that raccoon video wins. WINS. although i’ll say that i guess if i were the owner, i’d be a wee bit terrified that he would attack the cats? or me? just saying, not sure if i’d be all up in there taking video. that’s brave.

    • lol, it’s been awhile since I’ve experienced winter static hair, but I’m pretty sure it has the added terror of ELECTRIC SHOCK AT ANY TIME lol
      Amazon UK is a thing? does it still ship to US? I’m trusting you on this mission…
      I was OVER THE MOON when I saw you finally started IGing. I still am.
      That raccoon is a gosh dang genius.

    • That’s so unnecessary. I was annoyed that all the boxes from the grocery store were soggy. Like, just from the air. So gross.

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