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Last weekend the boyfriend and I celebrated our anniversary.  We wined, we dined, we had an oh-so-relaxing spa day.  It was delightful.  And he fed my obsession with owls.

owl necklace

While the chef at Cafe Bink fed my obsession with potatoes.  This particular potato was topped with spicy mozzarella, chives, and chive oil.

The mozzarella there is to die for.  Like I would literally stab someone to eat it.  True story.

Ok, it’s not true, it’s an overexaggeration.

Sorry, I know it’s a terrible pic, just trust me that it’s adorable.

Almost as adorable as Sophie closing our closet door.

Just ignore the few seconds staring at the floor.  I was having phone issues.

Back to the wonderful BF, he got me this.

jif whips choco

Whatever you do, never buy that.  Ever.  Whatever you do, DO NOT BUY IT EVER!

It’s possibly one of the most delicious things I’ve ever put in my mouth.  It almost tastes marshmallowy even.  Like smooth, fluffy, chocolatey marshmallow bliss, with a touch of peanut butter too.  You can definitely taste the peanut butter, but it is not front and center.  Chocolate is the star of this show, that much is for sure.

I have no idea where the marshmallow taste comes form, but it’s so good.  So so good.  In fact, I’m eating it while I write this.

I switched up dinner with a new recipe from Steamy Kitchen.

satay chicken

Chicken Satay with Peanut Noodles, I nixed the skewers though and just went with regular chicken breast, grilled, and then sliced.  Served alongside peanut noodles and cucumber salad.  Honestly, it was pretty amazing, it’s best when you eat the noodles with the chicken to get the flavor of satay with the peanut sauce.  Oh, and make lots of extra peanut sauce, because you’re going to want to put it on everything from now until the day you die.  You can leave the pepper out of the cucumber salad, it’s really not necessary, and I think it’s better without it.

This cartoon that a wonderful husband made to animate his drunk wife’s joke.


And, as always, I have to spread my love of Some Kitchen Stories and their free monthly wallpapers.  This month is blueberries.

So pretty it makes me want to lick my screen.  Get it for yourself here if you feel so inclined.

Also, I’ve been entranced by this gif.  I swear I could just watch it forever.

And also this one… Poor kitty, he was just curious…

and then… immediate regret.

Oh, and this one too…

You can watch the whole video here.  Trust me, it’s worth it.

2 thoughts on “thursday things

  1. Aw,that owl heart is so cute!!! I need more potatoes in my life…Nate’s always requesting them. A mozz-topped version sounds delightful.

    Haha, oh kitties and laser pointers. Nate always shines it on the ceiling and my kitty won’t stop staring and meowing at the ceiling for like hours after he stops doing it. I think it’s animal abuse and I yell at him when he does it.

    Ummmm, that Jif whips looks AMAZING. Thank you for the warning- will not buy it!

    Omg, that kitty and the octopus thing makes me so sad! DID SOMEONE HELP HIM?!?! 🙁

  2. okay, so favorite thing about this TT post? your anniversary! yay! happy anniversary. that owl pendant is adorable, and i still say if/when i visit you, we’re going to both binkley’s and cafe bink. the latter only because now i want to taste mozzarella like that.
    close runners up to favorite thing: DEFINITELY the drunk chip joke video…thank SWEET JESUS that tim is not an animator of any kind; that’s all i’m going to say. Certainly there have been some very similar jokes told around here. I want that dude to animate EVERYTHING. also, i LOVE the cat with the two lizards: if a lizard came up behind me while i was intently tracking another lizard, i would act exactly like that. i love when cats do the dramatic freakout and then can’t quite recover enough and have to do it again.
    that octopus-on-the-face cat is going to give me nightmares. WTF because if that can happen? no more going to the marina in florida with stella and leaning over the tank. just saying. NIGHTMARES.

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