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sunset aug 14


Seriously, we have some of the best sunsets.

Unfortunately, it’s too hot to stay outside long enough to enjoy them.  😉

I know it’s still August, but I totally made a joke the other day to Shannon over at A Periodic Table about how we should start planning our cookie swap cookies for this Christmas, AND THEN THEY WENT AND POSTED THIS!  Apparently, we really do need to start our planning!  If you’re a fellow blogger, you should join in too!

Or, you could just send me cookies.  That’s a perfectly acceptable option as well. 😉

I like cookies.

Also, I know we just talked about how I never pack my lunch, but guess what, I packed my lunch one day this week!

And guess what I packed!  A pbj sandwich, sliced veggies, and chips.  And a chocolate pudding.

Because I’m five.

And I’m not afraid to admit that it was delicious.  Then I saw this post on how to pimp my pbj and my brain pretty much exploded.  I mean, I’m sure we’ve all grilled or toasted a pbj before, but waffleizing and deep frying?  That’s just madness!

I think next week’s lunch might be some pbj sushi…

That’s much more grown up than a plain pbj, don’t you think?

Also, because I’m five, the BF came home from the store super excited to give me this toy:

The best part of the video, unfortunately, is off-camera.  Why?  Because every time Sully pops out to “scare” you, the BF actually jumps startled.  Guess the “scare” ball actually works!

Also, did you hear that right now, in the United States of America, they are growing grapes that taste like cotton candy?  Supposedly you can buy them right now!  I have not seen them in any of the 2323894 grocery stores that I go to on a weekly basis, but according to the internet, they exist.  Have you seen them?  If you see them, please purchase them immediately and send me your thoughts.  I NEED TO KNOW THESE THINGS.  Also, I’m pretty sure that my weekend plans just became “hunt for cotton candy grapes.”

Know what else exists?  Water.  MADE FROM FRUIT.  I know what you’re thinking, “They already have that, it’s called juice!”  But this isn’t juice, but it is kinda, but not really.  It’s juice and not juice at the same time.  They juice the fruit and then they filter the fruit juice until it’s water.  Which seems like a lot of work just to make water, but what do I know?

Continuing with last week’s rediscovery of podcasts, today I listened to my beloved Thomas Keller talk about the importance of weights in baking, and how to make the perfect pate sucree on the Splendid Table podcast.

Speaking of discovering things, I spent some time this weekend going through some old pictures.  Like, really old pictures.  And buried in those pictures was a “Baby Manual.”

True story.

And in that “manual” was this advertisement.

meat for baby

Because everybody knows that you should feed your baby canned lamb every day.


Sometimes I wonder how we survived this long, but then again… just look at how healthy and happy that baby is!

And then, there’s this.

That’s pretty much how I look when I eat corn.




4 thoughts on “thursday things

  1. I’m so proud of you for eating lunch! Back when I used to pack lunch, I always packed pudding cups 🙂
    I’m a little confused about what juice-free juice tastes like…
    If you find cotton candy grapes, please send some to me!
    Is that hamster ok?!?!?! Like I really hope so…i’m worried about him 🙁

    • OMG Amy, THEY TOTALLY TASTE LIKE COTTON CANDY. It’s super confusing to bite into a grape texture and taste cotton candy.
      I’ll have to do some more interwebs research on the hamster. See how he’s doing these days lol.

  2. i’m embarrassed to admit that i’ve already started thinking (thanks to our convo and that post) about what cookies to send. is it ridiculous that i’ve said to myself that i need to up my game this year? yes…yes it is.
    you ARE five, and that’s what i like about you. packing lunches is so much better when you pack the things you took to grade school, though. it’s just a fact.
    i want that scare ball! and a hamster…especially one that gets corn stuck way back inside its face.
    i saw you triumphed in the cotton candy grapes department: so…do they taste really like cotton candy? because i’m seeking them out if they do. grapes seem to be all over the place here, but i haven’t seen these. YET.

    • OMG Shannon, THEY DO TASTE LIKE COTTON CANDY!! IT’S CRAZY!!! I brought some to work today so that I can have a better test sample lol

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