thursday things – flat tires, the ultimate cereal, and more


So I had plans last weekend.  A relaxing date night with the BF on Friday, a trip to Ikea on Saturday, and a nice day of furniture assembly and baking on Sunday.  But that did not happen.

Not even close.

I did, however, end up stranded on the side of the highway on my way home from work on Friday… in 105 degree heat, for like three hours.  Because my tire decided to explode.  And even though the BF came to rescue me, when he headed back to his car and I headed back to mine… I turned the key… nothing.



Then, we got home only to see that our ceiling was leaking.

Defeated, I threw a towel on the floor to soak up the still-dripping water and took a shower.  I was done with Friday.

Needless to say the weekend was filled with lots of home and car repairs, and there were no relaxing date nights, no trips to Ikea, and no weekend baking.

I think I might actually get the shakes if I don’t bake something soon.

There is still some good in the world, though, like the fact that PUMPKIN IS OFFICIALLY BACK!


 If you live near an Einstein’s Brother’s Bagels and you have never had their pumpkin cream cheese, stop what you’re doing RIGHT NOW and go get yourself a bagel with pumpkin shmear and your life will officially be complete.

It’s only a matter of time before I am drowning myself in pumpkin lattes and stuffing my face with pumpkiny sweets.

If you’re still planning your Labor Day festivities, be sure to check out my recipe round-up for some inspiration.


This post on how to improve bottled BBQ sauce may come in handy, too!

In other news…

Someone needs to make this Han Solo refrigerator.  I think you could get pretty creative with the ice/water dispensers… just sayin.

Scientists find out that haters are actually going to hate.  The jury is still out on whether that makes me feel better or worse.

 A 4-year old invented the most awesome breakfast cereal ever while also validating my obsession with owning every cereal flavor in existence.

While sharknadoes are very fake, the BF showed me that firenadoes are apparently very, very real.  And terrifying.

Also, I guess I can quit my gym membership, because apparently I’ve just been standing all wrong.

Oh, and Japanese people are super mean.  I mean, how would you react if you showed up to work and this is what you saw?

That being said, I am pretty sure that if my company did that I would probably work for them forever.  Assuming that I didn’t die of a heart attack.

4 thoughts on “thursday things – flat tires, the ultimate cereal, and more

  1. Man, isn’t that always the way it happens?…there’s no such thing as a kind of bad day. It’s like the ultimate bad day or nothing. I’m sorry you had such bad luck! How on earth did your tire explode?! That’s like seriously crazy.
    I don’t know if they have Einstein Brother’s anywhere near me but I really want that pumpkin cream cheese. It’s probably pretty easy to make at home though, right? You should do it and put it on the blog 😉
    That dinosaur hoax is really funny…and totally goes with my blog post today!

  2. i am still sad about your bad day, even after a full week of knowing about it. it’s a slightly comedic bad day looking back on it, but certainly not at the time. moment of silence.
    okay. so this friday will NOT be like last friday, okay? It can’t be.
    Hooray for pumpkin cream cheese that i went searching for in vain yesterday! but today, i find it. well, i hope. 🙂
    i’m now totally upset about the japanese pranksters: that’s the meanest thing i’ve ever seen!! Seriously i’d never go anywhere again if i lived in Japan. fear of pratical jokes….i wonder if that’s a legit fear.

  3. Okay, the tire and ceiling thing? Those suck donkey balls. The rest of this post? EPICALLY AMAZING. Except for the pumpkin. We’re gunna have, like, three months of pumpkin posts in our readers, and I cannot deal. On the plus side, if someone were to make me that cereal? Everything would be okay. But not a four year old. I’d never eat anything a kid had picked through with its disgusting fingers.

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