Halloween Recipe Roundup


HALLOWEEN IS NEXT WEEK!  And even though I don’t go trick-or-treating, or go to any parties, or do anything at all really… I still (for some reason) get excited for Halloween.  I’m trying to figure out what to be this year.  I really need to make a new costume, especially since I wore the same costume the last 2 years in a row.

So, I have for you some Halloween-esque recipes.  Some are more Halloween-themed than others; but since last year’s roundup focused pretty much solely on sweets, so I thought I’d throw in a couple of savory items for this year’s too.  You can always dress them up to be more “Halloween-y” (use your imagination! <– CONFESSION: so right there I accidentally typed “imaginator” and I really think I like “imaginator” way better)

Since it’s Thursday, I’ll give you a couple of “Thursday Things” before I dive into the round-up.  Like this thing that I watched for WAY TOO LONG.  Like, I’m debating if I may have brain damage “too long.”  I’ve also been missing my usual Thursday shows so I’ve replaced 30 Rock by watching these over and over.  And over.

Oh, and then there’s this, for your daily dose of cuteness.

 And this for your daily dose of weirdness.  What is going on over there in Japan anyway?  How do they come up with all these things?

Last but not least, I can’t wait to do this to my future child.  Those of you who have children, please do this and send me the video. K? Thanks.

Onto the Halloween Round-Up…


Zesty Roasted Pumpkin Seeds from Elephant Eats

Butternut Squash & Sweet Potato Soup from A Periodic Table

Potato Ghosts from Kitchen Daily

“Bones & Blood” from Our Best Bites


Mummy Halloweenies from Steamy Kitchen

Chipotle Mac & Cheese from Scarletta Bakes


Chili (you can dress it up for Halloween, or just accept it for what it is – delicious fall goodness) from Wee Eats

Tentacle Pot Pies from Babble

Spider Web Pizzas from The Domestic Mama


“Caramel Apple” Cookie Pops from A Periodic Table

Bloody Good Cupcakes from NatureBox

Spider Cupcakes from Wee Eats

Candy Corn Pretzel Hugs from Sally’s Baking Addiction 

Caramel Apple Popcorn from Eat the Love

Spiced Pumpkin Bread from Some Kitchen Stories

Twinkie Ghosts from Crazy Little Projects

Candy Corn Upside Down Cake from Wee Eats

Peanut Butter Popcorn Marshmallow Balls from Loves Food, Loves to Eat


The aptly-named Dark & Stormy from Movita Beaucoup

Halloween Sangria from RecipeGirl

 Pumpkin Pie Cocktail from My Baking Addiction 


Halloween Etched Glasses from My Baking Addiction 

Halloween Printables from TomKat Studio

Monster Wreath by Hoosier Homemade

DIY Ghosts from A Beautiful Mess

Felt Bat Garland from The Artful Parent

Or master your pumpkin-carving skills with Amy from Elephant Eats


10 thoughts on “Halloween Recipe Roundup

  1. Thank you for featuring my seeds and pumpkin!!! 🙂 I don’t go trick or treating or go to parties either…which is why i can’t wait to have kids that I get to dress up. The pumpkin carving is the way that I get to do something halloweeny for now.
    I REALLY want a baby squirrel that I can carry around in my shirt pocket (or i guess I’d have to buy shirts with pockets first). That pick of the squirrel in the mug though! So CUTE!!!
    These halloween recipes are all delicious and adorable…next year when I have a house I’m totally having a halloween party and i’m going to make fun, festive foods 🙂

    • I know, and I love basically EVERY PICTURE with its tongue sticking out. WHY IS HIS TONGUE SO LONG??? hahahaha

      Please invite me to your Halloween party, I’d love to come and eat your delicious food and play in your beautiful house <3

  2. omg i got TWO THINGS on the slideshow of awesome?!?! HOW!?!?!?! Maybe I win the internet today.
    seriously, you did your Halloween work here: everything is either adorable, or amazing to look at even though creepy, or just plain food i would love to eat. My favorite thing, after lots of inner turmoil and debate, may be the tentacle pot pies. because, HOW CUTE. that’s only b/c i already picked amy’s pumpkin as my internet winner today. Shout-out, pot pies.
    i’m totally doing that next year. i’m going to be her grown up stick figure mom. i have a whole year to figure out how to make that.

    • SERIOUSLY!! and it can’t be THAT HARD right??? It’s gotta be like, super easy! and I CAN’T WAIT to see Stella’s costume this year! The only downfall of putting her in a costume is that she’s SO CUTE that there is NO WAY covering any of that up would be a good idea. Just take her out of costume as the cutest little girl in the whole world! hahaha <3

  3. Hi Natalie – great Halloween roundup! If I wasn’t fully in the Halloween spirit before, I am now thanks to you. : ) The Halloweenies crack me up and how cute are those DIY ghosts! Amy’s carvings are so, so good!!

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