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I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is only a week away!  I’ve been preparing my body by starting my Thanksgiving eating early.  I have to make sure I don’t wuss out and get full halfway through my meal.  If you’re still lost, don’t worry!  Take a peek at my Thanksgiving Survival Kit (with additions from our lovely Shannon at A Periodic Table), last year’s Thanksgiving recipe roundup, oh, and even stuff to do with the leftovers.

Still not ready? Food52 has 5 links to read before cooking your turkey and Serious Eats has their very own comprehensive Thanksgiving Survival Guide.

By now, we’ve all seen Martha Stewart’s in the media again. After she shamelessly bashed bloggers just one short month ago, couldn’t help but enjoy this response from Adam Roberts on Twitter:

You can see her own tweet here, if you so please.

On a semi-related note… I’ve had Twitter for a while, but have just recently started actually paying attention to it and the fact that it exists.  So, if you’re on twitter, feel free to say “hi” or whatever.  We could be real life Twitter friends!  Isn’t that exciting?

Almost as exciting as being a cupcake.  (Tips:  Click the top-left of the video for volume.  Click anywhere else on the video to give the poor girls legs a rest.)

In a related note, I’m feeling like I might be a cupcake for Halloween next year. I wasn’t quite sure how I would pull it off this year but if I start early enough I might be able to make it happen.

Our good friend tried to warn us the other day about looking for owl things on Etsy.  It was super hilarious because it came just mere moments after I stumbled onto this beautiful masterpiece.

Unfortunately, she was just moments too late, because I already saw this.


And am already in love.  For the low price of $9.99 it could be yours! Just think of the possibilities!

In cookie news, this amazing video goes in-depth into the magic behind making cookies.  It’s pretty freaking amazing.  WE ARE MAD SCIENTISTS!

We’re also saving lives by murdering tons of salmonella germs to save our loved ones… To review, we are amazing salmonella-murdering mad scientists.

In other news, San Francisco made a little boy’s dreams come true… I’m sure you’ve all heard of Batkid by now, but if you haven’t, you have to check out his amazing story.

On a semi-related note, if you’re at all interested in ruining your own childhood, check out the real stories behind some of the most popular Disney movies … Just remember, you’ve been warned.

If you’ve not seen the new Volvo ad featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme’s epic split, you’re not missing THAT much (aside from a pretty spectacular trick from someone who I wasn’t even sure was still around).  But it will help you to understand Channing Tatum’s spoof of it.

You can read the story and see them both here.

Lastly, otters.

Because… otters!

otter jump



5 thoughts on “thursday things

  1. Haha, I saw martha’s tweet…omg. It looked like barf on a plate. For someone with an eye for detail, you’d think she would have noticed how gross it looked, even if it did taste “divine.”
    You most definitely need to dress up as a cupcake. Forget Halloween…how about for your rehearsal dinner?
    Haha, nate showed me those otters the other day. So cute!

    • I said the same thing! LOL!!! “It looks like someone barfed on it!” even SHE should know that… I know we don’t always get the greatest pics but at least they aren’t THAT bad LOL !!!

  2. 1. My dance friends call me Owl. True story.
    2. I wanna be a cupcake. In real life.
    3. I don’t watch Disney movies. At all. Because they are HORRIBLE and someone always dies in the first five minutes or so.

    • 1. I like you even more now.
      2. Truth
      3. Yeah, I saw Brave and it was the first Disney movie I remember seeing where the main character actually has two parents. LOL

  3. all the things. my brain can’t process it because it’s been two weeks and i suck it for being THIS behind.
    i can actually picture you running around like that inside a cupcake.
    disney movies are great. it’s like an animated emotional rollercoster and i am SO MORBID LIKE THAT SOMETIMES. also, i knew the stories behind them; fairy tales were no frigging joke way back when…we’re pansies now. 🙂

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