Christmas Cookie Box Roundup

snickerdoodle blondies from wee eats


peanut butter sandwich cookies from some kitchen stories

gently-spiced double chocolate cookies from movita beaucoup

cranberry + orange cookies from a periodic table

vanilla sugar cookies from life tastes good

molasses spice cookies from minimally invasive

brown butter oatmeal toffee cookies from elephant eats

meyer lemon roll-out cookies from every little thing

deep dish pistachio + plum jam thumbprint cookies from of agates and madeleines

giant peppermint florentine cookies from shikha la mode

world peace cookies from wee eats

peanut butter + jelly + potato chip thumbprint cookies from spoon fork bacon

hazelnut shortbread cookies from playing with flour

s’mores cookies from wee eats

chai-spiced pistachio snowdrop cookies from savory simple

13 thoughts on “Christmas Cookie Box Roundup

  1. THE WORLD PEACE COOKIES. can you go ahead and send me some of those this year and we can just pretend like we had our act together enough to participate in the Swap like last year?!?! i mean, we probably would have gotten each others’ names again, right? probably.
    there’s too much deliciousness here, for say, someone who super wants to late-night snack as she types this but knows she shouldn’t. just saying. and i don’t even HAVE my cranberry cookies in the freezer anymore (i can’t say where they went) so i don’t even have those to console me. :'( *chin quivers*

  2. Hi Natalie – I was enjoying your awesome cookie roundup here and so (pleasantly) surprised you featured those hazelnut shortbread cookies of mine (I mean, of Ina’s :). Thank you so much. All these cookies look so good! I made the World Peace Cookies once and they were terrific – so different yet familiar. I wanted to ask if you had any problems with spreading? A few of mine just spread and it was not pretty. I know Dorie uses ring molds on most of her cookies…I wondered if I need that but doesn’t seem like others have that problem. I have to make them again one day and see. Thanks again and Happy Holidays!!

    • Those shortbread look DIVINE! I’d be crazy not to include them!

      As for the WPC – I haven’t ever had problems with spreading that I can remember… Do you remember how you baked them when they spread? We can perform some baking forensics. 😉

      • Ahhh…Natalie…you made me look back and see what I wrote! Turns out I made them back last Jan., when my old oven was near the end of its life…the oven door was not closing properly so the temp was all off that month. Totally forgot that! I have to make these cookies again soon. Thanks for offering to do some forensics for me – you guys are serious! : )

  3. Okay, I’m way behind in my blog reading. As in: my feedly is about to explode. I’M TESTING THE LIMITS OF FEEDLY.

    Thanks for the cookie shout out, and also: thanks for making next year’s holiday baking so much easier. I’m just gunna bookmark this, and make ’em all…

    • Hahaha – I had the same problem (Sorry to a lot of the bloggers who got “marked as read” when I didn’t really read them! – you of course are NOT one of those!) Glad I could help with next year’s baking! Choosing what to make is always the hardest part lol

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