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Last night's #dinner – turkey meatballs 🍴☺️ #food #foodstagram #tweegram

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The other night, FH and I were enjoying these turkey meatballs for dinner when the following exchange occurred:

FH: “What’s in my meatball?” …
I stared back at him like he was crazy, “Turkey? Spices?
FH: “No…. it looks like quinoa. Is that quinoa?”
I consider my options for a moment, then concede, “Oh, yeah, there’s quinoa in there.”
And then I laughed uncontrollably

Nevermind that the meatballs were perfectly acceptable BEFORE he knew that there was quinoa in them. But once he found out he felt so betrayed…

Perhaps I should just give up now and live a life of homemade cookie butter instead.  Yeah, you read that right, you can make cookie butter, AT HOME.  Think of the possibilities.


In other news, I spent way too long watching this guy on YouTube.

I’m still watching it… even now!  Did they eat him?


My pal Movita posted about this on facebook the other day.

Since then (I assume due to Movita, of course), good ol’ Chip and his relationship with Applebees has become quite the talk of the interwebs. With such tidbits as:


Way to go, Chip! You can also find Mr. Zdarsky on the twitters.

Also on reddit, reasons kids cry. Like this one:


Apparently his son has extremely high expectations of what he will get out of life, so might as well crush them now while he’s still young. They even made a book about it.

If that didn’t make your ovaries tie themselves in knots (or maybe if it did), check out these quotes from Toddlers and Tiaras.

Also on Reddit, my fave Mr. Kenji from SeriousEats popped up to answer a random question about 80% vs 93% ground beef. Why? Because he’s just the best and likes to peruse Reddit for random questions he can answer apparently.

In other news, you can buy burritos out of a vending machine now. I’ve actually seen these Evol things in my grocer’s freezer and have been tempted to almost purchase them for, ya know, sad desk lunch days. I think I’ll continue to pass on them for now.

Huffington Post shared with us 25 foods to eat before we die (oddly enough, vending machine burritos NOR cookie butter are on there, so obviously something is wrong).

Oh, and don’t forget to stop by A Periodic Table to check out the latest answers to the Just 1 Question project.


6 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. you have to wonder how many men out there with food blogger and/or healthy wives have unwittingly eaten quinoa. and of those, you have to wonder how many suspect. it’s like rat poison in reverse: we’re not killing you, we’re MAKING YOU LIVE!

    i want mister breffast to happen in my skillet. if he ever does, i’m videoing it for you. not even kidding.

    Chip is AWESOME. i want that relationship with a company. and you know i’m not kidding about that either, but i’ve yet to find the right fit for me.

    hmmm…consider the possibilities of homemade cookie butter…okay: we’d be HUGE. which is why i choose to never make it. danger zone.

    i can’t even deal with any of the above-mentioned children except to say that they don’t have to be like that. PARENTS, i’m talking to you.

    kenji is like my food archangel.

    i did NOT see the 25 foods list! but i DID see a fun little “4 things post-apocalypse” game we should play. also, burritos in vending machines? ermmm…no. i would be scared, i think? that’s the thing that months later gets recalled for botchotoxins or whatever FORGIVE THE SPELLING YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.

    aw. 😉 which reminds me, ironic how that post is about using social media and i never even social media’d that ANYWHERE. whoops. obviously i’m a total professional.

    • Haha, right? Well Aaron is always welcome to put whatever he wants in the food if he cooks dinner 😉 /coughnevercough

      And seriously, Kenji is the bee’s knees. Always helping his fellow redditors and tweeters. twitterers. whatever. you get what I’m saying.

      A post-apocalypse game you say? Ooh that sounds fun.

      BOTULISM EVERYWHERE!!! I’m guessing it’s just a vending machine filled with frozen burritos, and then it nukes said burritos, so they are probably mostly safe (though likely NOT very delicious) lol. I always see those “evol” brand frozen items at the store (in non-burrito form) and I pick them up and look at them for my sad-desk-lunches at work but then they are like 3x as expensive as a gross lean cuisine (and prob still pretty gross) so I haven’t actually purchased any yet.

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