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Happy Thursday!

Things have been pretty calm around here lately, the most exciting thing to happen to me is this lamp.


I got it this past weekend at Ikea for like $10. Isn’t it amazing? I love it. Because, well, OWLS! They had a super adorable throw pillow too, but it cost the same amount (actually, I think it cost more than) the lamp so I figured I would go with the more practical choice.

Yep. Practicality.

We also stopped by Ted’s Hot Dogs in Tempe and had some delicious hot dogs, fries, and onion rings. Ted’s is a New York-based hot dog restaurant that happens to have opened a location in Tempe and cooks its dogs (and sausages and burgers)  over a charcoal grill which makes it taste basically like it is made out of unicorn tears.


If you need a hot dog and are in the greater Phoenix area (or close to one of their NY locations) I insist you stop by there. The line is usually at least to, if not out, the door but it moves pretty quickly and is definitely worth it. Their toppings are (mostly) complimentary, and I like to get them all on the side and have a BYO-hotdog party at the table.

Totally normal for a grown up to do.

So, I’m finally thinking of wedding-related things, and I don’t know a better way to commemorate our special day than having pizza portraits made, can you? I’m pretty sure FH would dig it.

When my bestie came out to visit in December, I introduced her to the glory that is In-N-Out. If you’ve never had In-N-Out, you HAVE to try it whenever you are in the vicinity of one of its many locations. Mike from Pickled Comics does a pretty good job of describing the impact In-N-Out will have on your life in his comic, The Double Double Ruined My Life.

Awhile back I saw this sad TV chef on The Soup or Tosh or whatever it was we happened to be watching at the time. Then, I promptly forgot all about him until just the other day when my friend stumbled across him for the first time. You can see one of his kitchen masterpieces in the video below, which I’m sure will lead to searching for more.

There’s even one where he shows us how to make Rice-A-Roni (true story).

I’ve also decided to switch to Gold’s Gym so that I can work out with Arnold.

And that I’m moving to Germany when I get old so that I can go to this retirement home.  

Why?  Because they recreated scenes from movies for their calendar.


In kitchen-related things, do you ever get confused on which knife to use?  Never be confused again thanks to this handy infographic.

I learned that my childhood was a lie and apparently all Froot Loops are actually the same flavor.  Excuse me while I sob uncontrollably in the corner.  What’s next?

Apparently Oreo released Limited Edition Cookie Dough Oreos (which are available nowhere near me or anyone I know) but if you happen to spot them, please send them directly to me and I will reward you handsomely.

Also, a new Marshmallow Crispy flavor exists, too. WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO GET SOME OF THESE? I tried tweeting at Oreo but they wanted nothing to do with me. /pout.

In healthier news, CHOW gives us tips for what to do with our leftover pulp from juicing so we don’t feel bad about throwing it into the garbage.

And back to the unhealthy stuff, I’m pretty sure I’m adding these brownies from Bakers Royale to my weekend baking list.

And I’m DEFINITELY adding this granola from Sally’s Baking Addiction.


9 thoughts on “thursday things

    • Thanks so much, Dana! I love that owls are “in” because it makes my obsession with them SO MUCH MORE SATISFYING. Otherwise I’d have random poorly-hand-made owls strewn about LOL

  1. so if you want charcoal-grilled things? YOU COME UP HERE, because hello: charcoal grill in the backyard. Finally tim got one last year (our gas one “retired”) and i get really excited every time he fires it up because it smells so good. i love it.

    i’d be pretty sad also, were i making a recipe with microwave potatoes and canned cream corn. so. like REALLY depressed.

    I’ll totally retire to germany with you. and that infographic re: knives? SO USEFUL. b/c i don’t know what the hell i’m doing when it comes to that. mostly, i have a “favorite” big knife and a favorite small. plus a knife you obviously use for bread. duh.

    now please quit showing me photos of everything that’s delicious and has chocolate in it. because, dieting is hard enough when you’re a food blogger. i have a fierce need to make challah today? for no reason except it sounds fun. so…dieting = hard.

    • LOL – GOT IT! A plane ticket is a small price to pay for some charcoal-grilled delicious, right?

      Did you see any of the others, Shannon? There’s a pretty great “Spaghetti” recipe too. (Hint: It involves microwaving the spaghetti and then microwaving the sauce).

      I usually know which knife to use, but I still use my favorite chef’s knife instead unless, yes for bread or paring… or for carving.

      YOU CAN DO IT! January is almost over and then ALL THE CHALLAH. Of course, you could always just bake a loaf and ship it out here to spare yourself the calories 😉

  2. I’ve been trying to decide on a retirement home – because I’m SUPER EXCITED about it. It makes 2.0 upset, but I can’t help myself. Movie Nights? Golden Oldies Dances? Games galore? I can’t wait! Aaaaand now you’ve added another option to my list. I’m going to have to contact some of the communities around here to see if anyone’s doing calendars…

  3. OMG, love the lamp. Good choice! Hahaha, I saw that retirement home thing…so cute!!! I want those cookie dough oreos…I hope I can find them at target or something 🙁 Ok, seriously, that granola only looks good because there’s freaking peanut butter drizzled on top! Anything would look good with pb on top….

    • Right? FH was skeptical about the lamp at first, but it’s really grown on him! haha!

      I saw a few of the “more important” bloggers got special Oreos in the mail, NOT FAIR! I need to get famous so I can get free Oreos in the mail too!

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