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It’s Thursday! Many of you are freezing to death, and I’m so sad for you. The weather here is very sky with much clear. If you have to endure crappy weather, at least endure it with some humor.  unnamed

You could even pretend that you are this bear when you go outside.

See? Things are looking up already!

My birthday is two months away, so make a note, FH – I expect this candle on top of my birthday cake. OK? Ok.

As for a gift, this polaroid cheese slicer should do the trick –


I’ve been busy around the house, too – we finally refreshed our sitting room! You can see the before & after below with that awful futon (aka: the bane of my existence).  Also note the vast emptiness of everything – SO MUCH EMPTY WALL!


Add a fresh coat of paint, an big painting, and some new furniture… et voila! It looks like grown ups live here now!


Even the kitties like it because they got a new kitty tower with a window view so they can chirp at the birdies outside.  Everybody wins!

Of course the cats promptly used their new kitty tower location to explore new heights…

…and then got stranded. Fireman Aaron (aka: FH) had to get our big tall ladder out and rescue her.

In other news I went to Target and fondled some adorable mugs, judged peoples’ poor parking, and tried to look for cookie dough oreos because, no matter how much I try to guilt Oreo into sending me some, they refuse to send me any.

I found lemon ones instead, NOT WANT.

However, where Oreos failed me, Cheez-Its stepped in to save the day.


I got the “zesty cheddar ranch” ones and have eaten just about the entire box already. I’m going to have to go back for the white cheddar variety. It’s like a baked ruffles chip and a cheez-it had a baby, then covered it in zesty ranch (whatever that is). I don’t really care, I just know that it’s delicious and you should probably eat it.

This week’s pro tips:

David Lebowitz tells us whether or not we REALLY need to remove the germ from garlic. 

Food52 opens up a whole new world of bread crumbs (hint: it involves a cheese grater!)

I am baker taught us how to make DIY chocolate milk.

 Things I’m drooling over: 

These puff pastry nachos from RecipeGirl – I’d probably eat anything if you put it on/inside/near puff pastry though.

I’ve been drooling over these honey-chipotle chicken bowls from HowSweetEats for weeks now and really need to just cave in and make them. Look at the delicious! Seriously! LOOK AT IT!

Shannon, who made that red lentil daal I posted, and then took a way better picture of it than I could have even dreamed of taking.  Seriously, even if you’re not big on vegetarian stuff you should give it a try. It’s so warm and comforting and delicious.


This chicken, balsamic, caramelized onion, and blue cheese flatbread from Aida Mollenkamp.

In other news:

When one man turns to the internet for help, he reminds the rest of us why you should never turn to the internet for help.

I would like to know how I can get this job as a full-time eater.

Cats are jerks (it gets especially rough around the 45 second mark)

I would like to know how you train a dog to wipe its feet when I can’t even train a person to do it?? HOW???

And I want this kitten, who looks like me in yoga class.


7 thoughts on “thursday things

  1. ahahahahhah! the velociraptor might be my favorite one, but those are all super frickin hilarious! great bike photo, dude.

    also, kitty attack video is AWESOME.


    I feel so much better than I did 5 minutes ago. (I saw those Cheese-Its in the grocery store the other day and knew I had to have them soon, by the way.)

  3. omg, i want that polar bear!!! I’m sure he and my kitty would get along just fine.
    Love your new living room! SO grownup!!! Haha, why do cats climb to places they’re scared to get down from? I thought they’re smarter than that. My cat did it once by getting on top of the fridge somehow.
    Interesting about the green germ on garlic. I’m glad that I at least know you can eat it without dying…I always feared it became poisonous or something when it sprouted, haha.

    • Yeah I thought the same thing, right up there with “always landing on their feet” which is apparently not necessarily true, either… lol!

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