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valentines cake

Happy Thursday! I hope everyone’s had a good week! I don’t know about you but I’m happy it’s Thursday. Wednesday can go $*&% itself for all I care!

steak mat

Our Valentine’s Day night was spent with House of Cards, filet mignon, cherry-almond cake, and my new owl mat!

I thought it was too cute to go outside where I would never get to see it, so it’s currently staying inside. In the kitchen. Where I get to see it ALL. THE. TIME

Oh! And we also played with legos, like all grown ups do on Valentine’s Day. FH couldn’t help but get them at Walgreens because… well… I think he might have a slight shopping addiction and buying a thousand small items at a drug store seems more reasonable to him than buying one large item. 

Either way, we turned what was once a pile of random lego pieces into this:


Saturday we upheld our usual Valentine’s tradition at Binkley’s – I won’t bore you with all the details but I will share my favorite part of my Binkley’s meal – the adorable and ridiculously-delicious mini sloppy joe, on its own mini brioche bun with a baby cornichon. Isn’t it just adorable?

binkleys sloppy joe

As with most fancy restaurants that don’t want their patrons photographing their meals, the lights are kept dismally low so most of the pictures are rather grainy so I will refrain from torturing your poor eyeballs.

In other news – other things have been happening in the world besides Valentine’s Day.

For example, I got my hair cut (and dyed). I wish I had a ‘before’ picture so you could see how gnarly and gross it was, but it’s all fixed and blonde now! (yay!)


I read somewhere that once you are over 30 you aren’t supposed to have long hair anymore, so I’m going to give this last year all I’ve got before I turn 30 next year and apparently have to get a grandma cut or something instead.

While I got my makeover, Wee Eats got a makeover of its own!  Check out the shiny, new “archive” complete with pictures and hovertext! (Oooh, fancy)



Usually visual archives kinda piss me off because I don’t know what recipe I’m actually looking at – that’s where the hover-text comes in handy. (See pretzel image below.)


And if that’s not “news” – how bout those Olympics, eh?

Sure I could talk about things like who won the gold in what and political injustice, but I’d rather talk about more important things like all the puppies being adopted or the faces of Olympic figure skaters.

olympic skating

And how they have finally created a pizza that lasts for three years.

Three. Years.

Meanwhile brussels sprouts and kale had a baby (and apparently it’s delicious). It’s basically the cronut of the vegetable world.

And then there’s this video, which proves that goats just wanna have fun.

“Ooh GOATS – JUST WANNA HAVE – FUN!” (It’s best when sung to this tune.)

It’s cold in a lot of the world and some people are much nicer than others.

I’m going to ask FH to get me a thousand of these caffeine-packed chocolate bars for my birthday.  Please?

While he’s at it maybe he could grab a waffle-scented necklace.



Still don’t have quite enough spirit to make it to Friday? Just watch this little dude (with sound, preferably)

Who knew that armadillos could be cute?

And if you need a bit of food-spiration: Here’s what’s been on my mind lately…

This apple dumpling monkey bread

These blueberry oat pancakes

This thai brussels sprout salad 

These savory cornbread waffles… preferable topped with homemade chili.

These gochujang peanut butter cookies



11 thoughts on “thursday things

  1. 1. I’d like to suggest that at age 30 you crop your hair, get a perm and then tint it. Like, blue tint.
    2. My friend, Heather, sent me that goat video this morning. Great people think alike.
    3. That armadillo. Oh, that armadillo.
    4. FANCY ARCHIVE!! I loves it.
    5. Thanks for showing off my breakfast.

  2. it’s insult week at Wee Eats, EVIDENTLY:
    1. i’m 37. my hair is still lustrous and long. LUSTROUSSSSSsssss.
    2. OH YOU NO LIKE GALLERY ARCHIVES, NO? *sobs* why you no tell me.
    3. I gather leaves like that armadillo. What.

    just kidding, i’m just jealous b/c your cake was prettier than mine on V-day, also your hair is lovely, you made lego vids, have a BEAUTIFUL new archive, and, GOATS. Now i want goats, just to watch them do this all day. NOTHING would get done.

    also, you included my peanut cookies with crazy hot sauce! aw…forgiven. 🙂

    • Wait, Shannon, so you’re saying 1 – that the internet would dare lie to me? and 2 – that I *AM* allowed to keep my lustrous hair after 30?? Because that’s a huge relief as I would look super weird with short hair LOL
      Haha – I don’t knof if I’ve ever had to use your archive, I usually google and get a response 😉 I’m sure your archive is beautiful! Or, at least I can tell which recipes are what lol
      3 – Next fall I’m coming to STL to watch you gather leaves lol!!!

      GAH I FORGOT TO MAKE THE COOKIES OVER THE WEEKEND! A mistake I will not repeat this upcoming weekend…

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