thursday things – sunsets, new toasters, and rotary phones


How is it the last Thursday in March already? What happened that April is just around the corner?

Since Phoenix decided to skip “winter” this year and we’ve been steadily roasting in the 80’s we got a slight reprieve today and yesterday with highs only in the 70’s. I’ts like a Christmas miracle!

All of this comes at a price though, like having tons of dust particles floating around in the air which, while hazardous to our health, does make for some beautiful sunsets.

The other night I got a random craving for graham crackers, followed by a desire for graham crackers dipped in peanut butter (pb, graham, and I go WAY BACK) which then morphed into a peanut butter s’more craving. So, I did the only logical thing and made a s’more… using a Reese’s cup… and my hand-held kitchen torch.


And then I did that about three more times until the monster inside my belly was satiated (and we were out of Reese’s).

Oh, and the most exciting news: I BOUGHT A NEW TOASTER!

This probably isn’t exciting news to you, but our old toaster was a $5 gig from Target that was deemed Mr. Sparky due to his love of sparking whilst shooting our toast up like part of a fireworks finale.

He also enjoyed things like burning our toast for no reason, randomly deciding to cook only one side of the toast, and occasionally smoking (he just couldn’t quit the habit). So, I decided to do myself a favor by buying myself an overpriced fancy new toaster.

After much research and internal struggle, I settled on the Breville Lift & Look toaster, henceforth to be known as Sir Toastington the Second.

I love him. I love him SO. DARN. MUCH.

In food news… 

Pastry chef mad scientist Dominique Ansel is at it yet again with more marvelous pastry creations like this “garden” pot de creme. If and when I make back to NYC, I swear I’m sleeping in front of his bakery to be first in line when it opens.

Google has a (relatively) new tool offering nutrition comparisons which means, yes, we finally can actually compare apples to oranges. It does not work for all comparisons (I tried “Big Mac vs Whopper” and nothing happened).

There is finally science behind my roasted banana muffin recipe proving not only that roasting bananas does make their flavor more intense but you don’t even have to wait for them to ripen. This is a real game changer ending the tyranny awaiting banana ripeness has over all of our banana bread cravings.

Cheetos tried to help Lay’s “Do us a flavor” campaign with a pretty amazing idea for fiery Cheetos-flavored Lay’s. This could only be good. (I don’t think Lay’s appreciated the joke though).

cheetos tweet

In other news…

Watch these kids react to a rotary phone.

Oh, and here is a video of a tiny dog who has the same eating habits as I do (tip: be careful how close you get to me when I am eating)

In drool news… 

These tiramisu brownies from Simply Stacie


These strawberry jam toaster pastries from Love & Olive Oil.


This cauliflower & brown rice gratin from Sprouted Kitchen


These korean chicken nuggets from Spoon Fork Bacon


These spicy rice noodles with chicken, basil, and lime from The Right Recipe


5 thoughts on “thursday things – sunsets, new toasters, and rotary phones

  1. My toaster story is very similar to yours, Natalie! We had a very cheap (okay, maybe $10 one…) for ages and I always wanted a new one. My deep desire is actually for one of those small toaster ovens but I have no room for it. Anyway, we got a new toaster less than a year ago and it is the one you have – only in silver! : ) Also, Dominique Ansel – definitely a genius. I’ve never gotten on line for the cronut (though I really wanted Dec’s flavor) but we drive by some Sunday mornings and there’s always a line. My son and I did go there to get some other pastries once though. No complaints. I wonder if he’ll expand soon…

    • Oh I LOVE the Breville SmartOven (“toaster oven”) but seriously… WHERE WOULD I PUT IT? There is nowhere for it to go lol – I spent SO LONG looking at toasters that you would think I was buying a car or something… it was very serious business. It was such a tough choice but I’m SO HAPPY to know someone who has the same/similar one because now I feel more confident about it. 🙂

    • Haha – right!? We don’t even have a land line but I want to get one and use a rotary phone because YES! It will be “antique” like those people who used to have the old candlestick phones around…

      Also, I was scared to buy it but I am IN LOVE with this toaster.

  2. Oh my gosh, I have so much to catch up on here!!! Omg, I need a s’more now. I’ve actually never had a toaster (only a toaster oven), so whenever I go to someone’s house with one, I have to use it!!!

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