thursday things – broccoli stems, proper salting, and laser-engraved rolling pins


Ever since I got my new waffle iron I’ve been wanting to make crazy waffled concoctions, so far this is the craziest I’ve gotten. We will need to remedy this soon.

I had originally intended to include this video for today’s cuteness, but then I found this one (below) instead.

I have no idea how this much cute was packed into less than two minutes of video, but it seriously made my day. Like a thousand times over.

In other news, am I the only one who has apparently been wasting my broccoli stems?? She shouldn’t have posted that on April 1st because I’m still not sure if it’s a joke or not… I’m going to test this for us though. Don’t worry, I’ll be our guinea pig.

And apparently we are all under-seasoning our dishes… I know I’m definitely guilty of that one. No matter how much salt I put into a dish I know that FH is just going to salt it up anyway, so I try to trick him into consuming less salt by under-salting our meals…

Have you seen these amazing laser-engraved rolling pins? I can’t think of a better way to spend $42… can you? DINOSAUR ALL THE THINGS!!!

Some Kitchen Stories has released their April desktop calendar and it is filled to the top with spring. I’m sure staring at risotto all day can’t be that bad, right? Plus, vegetables!

Serious Eats just did an expose (can I call it that? Sure, why not?) on “The Life of a Cook’s Illustrated Test Cook” and I realize I’m a huge nerd but, um, you should read it.

Also, remember Shannon’s post once upon a time ago about how us bloggers “get out there” in the world? Well, we met (kinda) through Serious Eats “Share Your Sweets” slideshows. And you don’t have to be a blogger even to share your sweet! This week’s sweet is the Oatmeal Cookie. I know you all have an oatmeal cookie recipe. Make it, snap a pic, and shoot it over to Serious Eats!

I talked about the @Idafrosk instagram account ages ago, but she’s just been mentioned on 123inspiration so I thought I would give another shout-out since I love her pictures SO MUCH.

In other news, not only have mad scientists reversed aging in mice, but apparently I’m going to live forever. Oh, and fat is no longer bad for us. Well, not as bad as all those low-fat foods they’ve been marketing to us.

Also, apparently I wasn’t the only person who hated Starbucks’ “La Boulange” food items and the company is responding to their customers by bringing back some of the old items (yay!) I picked up a slice of their lemon loaf this morning to celebrate its return. Oh, how I missed you.

Oh, and Kim Kardashian narrowly escaped death (or you know, being touched by an elephant) and made a priceless face while doing so.

Thanks, Kim, for making my day that much brighter. Can’t wait to see that episode next season.

As for the recipes… 

I want to dive into this soft pile of naan pillows

Shower myself in these honey roasted chickpeas

Drown myself in these cucumber + ginger mojitos

Stuff my face with this turkey bacon meatloaf

And devour at least one pan of these Reese’s brownies. Or at least the frosting. Look at the frosting. LOOK AT IT!


10 thoughts on “thursday things – broccoli stems, proper salting, and laser-engraved rolling pins

  1. omg the cuteness is INTENSE in the video! i daresay if the Wee One had had a horse at two, this would be the video of it. SOO CUTE. and you have to appreciate the “pfft pfft pfft pfft pfft pfft pfft” of her little snowpants and how it elevates the adorableness, too. that’s how i sound when i’m out in the cold.
    all the naan pillows. like i want to make those the size of twin mattresses and jump inside them, yes.
    aw, you’re telling the story of how we kinda met!!! WE ARE GETTING MARRIED!!! 🙂 which reminds me, i have an oatmeal cookie i could submit.
    you can’t put Ida Frost and Kim K that close together in paragraphs: jarring.
    oh. my. god. about those rolling pins. i want all of them. can you even…i can’t even.

    • I’m not sure, but I think the “wooshwoosh” of her snowpant waddling might be the best part of the video. I have watched it no less than five times this morning.
      Haha – I thought abuot that with Kim K, but I couldn’t resist THAT FACE. Too bad there isn’t video of the subsequent crying that I’M SURE followed “WHY ARE YOU GUYS LAUGHING AT ME!? I WAS SO SCARED! I COULD HAVE DIED!!!” hahahaha

  2. I guess I’m weird because I’ve actually always preferred the broccoli stems to the florets! I just cut off the rough outside and love eating it raw with dip. Yummy.
    I hated the new Starbucks food items too! And what’s the deal with them warming them up when you don’t ask them to.
    Sadly I can’t see any of these videos whilst at work 🙁

    • I can’t believe I never knew about the broccoli stem!

      And seriously – it’s like everyone complained about them and someone was like “BUT DID THEY HAVE IT WARM?” on MORE THAN ONE occasion they said “would you like it warmed?” and I said “no” and then they warmed it anyway…. /sigh

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