thursday things – easter is coming and other things

Here’s what you’ve missed over the last week

This guy who failed at Wheel of Fortune. He has ALL THE LUCK but unfortunately zero brains…

These tiny humans who make me want to make my own tiny human fight club which I assume would be judged by various levels of round-house-hug-attacks and “my-noggin-is-too-heavy-and- I’m-going-to-fall-over” combo moves.

And more adorableness in the secret (adorable) life of snails!macro-photography-snails-vyacheslav-mishchenko-2

Oh, and a tip about zesting citrus.  Let’s get something food-related in here, I guess.

And of course, since Easter is this weekend, a round-up is in order!


Easter 2014 Recipe Round Up

The Easter Eggs

Emma Magazine’s DIY Easter Egg Dye

The Carbs

This gorgeous tsoureki from A Periodic Table

Life Tastes Good’s tomato and scallion cream cheese bagel bombs

A super easy dutch baby from yours truly


Playing with Flour’s sweet or savory crepes 

Blueberry waffles from Some Kitchen Stories

East of Eden’s almond breakfast rolls

The Desserts

Cream cheese and blueberry galette from Wit & Vinegar

Serena Bake’s lemon-lime pound cake

Movita’s Easter cake with swiss meringue buttercream


Or some orange honey pound cake from Evil Shenanigans



Oh, and let’s not forget these beauties

peanut butter egg 1291

The Drinks

Spoon Fork Bacon’s blood orange mimosas

This bellini bar from How Sweet It Is


Jellybean martinis from Wee Eats

jellybean martini

Blueberry-almond butter smoothies from Love & Olive Oil

Kitchen Simplicity’s family-friendly (aka: alcohol-free) sangria

The Rest

Savory Simple’s Boursin deviled eggs

Mini mediterranean frittatas  from FoodieCrush

Bacon and potato quiche from Foodness Gracious

Crunchy Creamy Sweet’s breakfast skillet casserole 

Kale, apple, and pancetta salad from Elephant Eats

This gorgeous glazed ham from Simply Recipes




8 thoughts on “thursday things – easter is coming and other things

  1. Gaa, the wheel of fortune clip killed me! Fortunately, this round up brought me back to life. My family has never been big on celebrating Easter, but I’m getting so excited by all these recipes! Definitely planning to try my hand at that Tsoureki Shannon made… mmm!

    • Thanks, Willow! You definitely don’t need to have an “Easter brunch” – you can just have some company over for a great brunch on a day that just happens to also be Easter… (or any day!) 😉

  2. i think it goes without saying that i would happily eat all those things pictured. like, ALL those things: this would be officially the last holiday i go through before doubling down my efforts to get ready for swimsuit season. Ultimately i will fail at that, but whatever. the goal is there.
    my big fat greek tsoureki! thank you! i miss the smell of that in my house already. which reminds me…penzey’s run today, hopefully.
    so my favorite non-food related thing: those snails. why did i never know snails were that adorable? i wonder if they even exist here in the midwest: i think the only “fun” slimy things we get here are those garden slugs (no one wants pictures of those, they’re probably jerks anyway) and roly-polys (which aren’t actually slimy but ARE actually kind of cute.) FAIL, midwest pests…FAIL.
    back to the food: you know what i think every time i see a beautiful bellini bar like that? how i need friends. and also a billion dollars b/c that’s what it would cost to throw that thing together. i have neither, but i’m tempted to make that sangria.

  3. 2.0 and I just watched that Wheel video and DIED DEAD.

    And the wee… fighter/spinner? Priceless!

    Thanks for the Easter cake shout out! We just finished eating that cake AND Rosie’s birthday cake. Our arteries will never be the same…

  4. I hope you had a wonderful Easter. It was crazy busy for us so we didn’t get to do too much but the Easter Bunny remembered to visit so everyone was happy.
    Aside from your inclusion of my crepes (thank you, btw), I think you must be the best roundup selector/consolidator I can think of. Those eats look incredible.

  5. Hahahahaha, I love that karata gif!!! omg. so funny.
    Mmmm, you got some good food going on here!!! Thank you for including my totally old recipe…you’re the best 🙂

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