thursday things – benedict cumbercat, chicks with hats, dumpster doritos, and more…


Happy Thursday!

Hopefully you’ve all recovered from your Cinco de Mayo fiestas by now, just in time for Mother’s Day. Did you know that Mother’s Day is this weekend – May 11th – (in the US at least)? This is your friendly reminder!

I saw this picture yesterday and immediately saw it as what I would probably be like if I ever had kids…

ice cream

Then someone pointed out that I was a grown up and I could just go get my own ice cream and eat it whether or not my kid eats their dinner… Possibly even in a taunting manner…

Our weather is crazy out here we were in the 100s on Monday, the 70s on Wednesday and back to the high 80s today. I seriously can’t deal.

The whole thing is so unbearable that these are the only things that can help to get me through my day:

 So cute.

While they were hatting chickens, this Ohio girl made the perfect imaginary boyfriend via SnapChat…

Ummm how did I get so lucky?? Haha

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So THAT’S what SnapChat is for… They also have an entire Instagram account devoted to their love.

My pretend boyfriend is opening an ice cream shop in Yountville (hint: IT’S THOMAS KELLER!) – Just another place I need to go…

My other boyfriend isn’t nearly as nice, but that’s probably because I would kill him without so much as a second thought. And have, on several occasions…


You can buy David Olenick’s designs in a variety of formats (and I intend to).

You don’t have to buy the new calendar from Some Kitchen Stories, though, because those lovely ladies just give it away!! For Free!!!

In other news…

Apparently Doritos were born in a Disneyland dumpster … and Target will sell them from their refrigerated section

Hate dining alone? Now you never have to eat alone again… I know that’s in Japan, but I’m pretty sure you could take the idea wherever you please. Who is going to tell you they can’t seat you just because you’ve brought a giant stuffed animal along? I’m pretty sure that is a form of discrimination…

I can now shush you in whatever language I please

This is what your fruit would look like if you put it inside an MRI machine.

F&W gave us yet another way to poach an egg. Will it be enough for me to overcome my aversion to poaching eggs? Stay tuned! (Spoiler alert: It’s doubtful!)

The EWG gives us the latest and greatest on the “dirty dozen” (and the “clean fifteen”).

This poor girl gave up her beautiful skin for a piece of this cake, but I’m pretty sure I would give up my first born.

Seriously, someone please make this for me.

We all know there’s no crying in baseball, but apparently dinosaurs are not out of the question

And if you haven’t heard of Benedict Cumbercat – it is exactly what you think it is. And every bit as amazing as you had hoped.

Side note, did you know that they give lion cubs a swim test before releasing them into zoo habitats? And did you know that it is equal amounts of heart crushing and adorable to watch?


It’s hard times out there for kitties…



5 thoughts on “thursday things – benedict cumbercat, chicks with hats, dumpster doritos, and more…

  1. wait: is that a leftover rain puddle or did someone just dump out a really big soda. because i thought there was no rain there.

    that ice cream convo? happens ON THE DAILY here, only you could insert any dessert we happen to have on hand. cupcakes, cookies, chocolate chips…it happens ALL THE TIME with kids. they don’t know what’s good for them yet i.e rushing through dinner to get to dessert.

    TK is going to have an ice cream shop did you see CAP’N CRUNCH on the menu!?!?! so did i. also wth is a macaron glacee and where can i get six billion delivered to me instantly right now. this better have an accompanying cookbook. not even kidding, that’s an actual threat. you hear me, TK?!?! START WRITING.

    No, now i can shush YOU in any language. before you do it.

    honey caaaaaaaake. seriously i wrote that down when you showed it to me the first time b/c i have to make it. it’s required of me by, idk, life.

    *sigh* fruit in an mri! the things i would do if i had my own mri machine…like i would mri EVERRYTHING. that’s probably why i don’t have one.

    all the things: so many things today! i comment on all of it in my head, i just get really fearful of someone thinking i’m a crazy person if i comment on everything irl. maybe. it could happen.

  2. I got all distracted by the idea of a Bouchon ice cream shop. I couldn’t focus on the rest of the awesome in this post, until I got to the lion cub. (Have I ever told you that I slept with a lion cub? Like all night? IT WAS IN MY BED!!!!) And then, the pole dancing kitten. GAH!

    This post made me die dead from cuteness.

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