thursday things – WE GOT MARRIED!


HAPPY THURSDAY! It’s my first Thursday as a WIFE.

Crazy, right?

Last Thursday Future Husband and I hit the road to drop the “Future” from his name and turn it into just plain “Husband” – 358 miles later we arrived in sunny San Diego for our relaxing beach wedding in sunny and cool San Diego.


What we did not anticipate was that apparently they were going to have the heat wave of the century. So, although San Diego “never needs a/c” we definitely could have benefited from it on this trip. We were all a little melty and cranky, but all in all things went off without a hitch! (Except for those of us getting hitched, of course).

Considering the whole event was planned via e-mail and yelp reviews I couldn’t have wished for more. We chose Dream Beach Weddings for our ceremony and they were so kind and helpful throughout the whole process. They even recommended our dinner location (which ended up being delicious).

wedding 3

The ceremony was super small – just 15 of our closest family members (plus 1 BFF) – all who took the time out of their busy lives to fly across the country to be with us on our big day. That’s the whole gang right up there. We got married on Coronado Beach near the Hotel Del Coronado and had an amazing dinner afterwards at Vigilucci’s Ristorante just a half mile up the road from the ceremony location.

And two very special guests of honor courtesy of two ladies who never cease to amaze me ~Β Shannon & Rachel. Pardon the photo below as it was taken in very poor lighting conditions with my iPhone πŸ™‚ But those are the guests of honor in action. πŸ™‚

cake 6984

Of course there is plenty happening in the rest of the world but I’ve been a little busy Β on my end. I promise to have more for you in the weeks to come and for now – thanks for stopping by and have a happy weekend!

wedding 2

19 thoughts on “thursday things – WE GOT MARRIED!

  1. Well I haven’t read or commented on any blogs since having my baby, but I HAD to stop by yours to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I’m so so happy for you two πŸ™‚ You looked absolutely stunning, Natalie! I hope (and know that you will) have a lifetime of happiness together (hopefully with lots of owls).

    • I’m so happy you came out of hibernation to congratulate me! Thanks so much!!! <3 Now let's see some pictures of that beautiful baby of yours!!!

  2. The pics are gorgeous!!! You make such a beautiful couple. So glad everything went as you hoped it would. I wish you both all of the best… look forward to seeing you in Nashville one of these days! πŸ˜‰ Keep in touch…

    • Thanks ~ It was actually our first time really going to Coronado and we still didn’t get a lot of time to “explore” so we will have to go back πŸ™‚ (At least, I think it’s a pretty good excuse to go back!)

  3. best. thursday things. of all time. YAY for the wedding! I’m happy everything worked out and was beautiful…just the way it should be. I know you’ll take wonderful care of those wee peg dolls forever; they’ve traveled SO FAR to get to you, so pillows = a must. somewhere they can chill.

  4. I am so late to the party/reception! Congrats a million times over! I think small weddings are the best, and can’t say enough about the ocean, so WELL PLAYED. I hope you were able to enjoy every second of it…

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