thursday things – pumpkin explosion and a new lawn mower


Happy Thursday!

We’ve been catching up on yard work at our house. The back yard had essentially turned into a jungle, which was super weird since we live in the desert. You see, we have a small grassy area in the back yard and our lawnmower broke a few months ago so we have been unable to mow it.

Well, if you ask me, the lawn mower broke like two years ago and Mr. Eats has just been constantly resuscitating it time and time again, breathing just enough life into it for “one more mow”…

I finally was able to convince him that all the time and effort he puts into fixing it every single time it breaks wasn’t worth it and it was time for a new one. He relented on that topic, but would not listen to me on the part about how whatever new lawn mower he chose was definitely not going to fit into his trunk.

I’ve heard that men are stubborn and I’m certainly glad Mr. Eats doesn’t have that problem.

lawn mower text

Trader Joe’s is pimping the heck out of pumpkin this year. It’s medium out of control. There’s pumpkin mochi, pumpkin cream cheese, pumpkin kringle, pumpkin Joe Joes and even pumpkin-spiced pumpkin seeds.



Also out of control, these new speculoos cups which I could not allow myself to buy. I know where that road goes, and it is dangerous.


Delicious, but dangerous. Oh, and next to it? A jar of cookies and cream cookie butter. Because that’s necessary.

Meanwhile in other parts of the world…

Movita has kicked off her 2014 pumpkin carve off, and I will conveniently be out of town on business during the last week of October which means if I am going to enter I better do it SOON (and my pumpkin will certainly expire long before Halloween gets here).

Imgur found the (new) angriest cat ever.

Thrillist took it upon themselves to answer the question nobody was asking, can you bake the cookie dough from cookie dough ice cream?

TheKitchn told us why chickens don’t need no man to lay eggs.

Food52 is helping us get the most out of our slow cookers.

The world now has Dominique Ansel’s cronut recipe.

Chipotle teamed up with Slow Food to do some pretty cool stuff with schools.

These firefighters saved an entire family of hamsters with the world’s cutest oxygen masks.

And this kangaroo is kicking some serious tail… (hehe, get it? KICKING TAIL? Nevermind…)

And here are some things I want to put in my face:

These Doritos migas from Serious Eats

This beautiful swedish dream cake from The Sugar Hit.

This slow cooker parmesan tomato soup from Cooking & Beer.

This glorious Sangria made with gummy bears from My Name is Yeh.

**UPDATE NOV 2014** I made this sangria… and then dumped it down the drain because no one at our house (ourselves included) liked it.  I did eat some vodka-infused gummy bears though, so I guess it wasn’t a total loss…

This muhammara dip from Aida Mollenkamp.

2 thoughts on “thursday things – pumpkin explosion and a new lawn mower

  1. i’m so hungry right now. like, all the hunger due to photos of that DANG DREAM CAKE i keep – well, dreaming about. also migas. all the migas.

    crap: the carve-off! we need to discuss this b/c i have zero good ideas. ZERO.

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