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pusheen fall

I know that I’ve been drowning you in pumpkin, but I promise I didn’t intend for October to end up that way. If I had, I would have come up with some horrible tagline like PUMPKINTOBER or PUMPKINOCALYPSE or PUMPKINSTOCK2014… You know, something super clever. Because I’m so clever.

I promise you (especially you, Movita) that my next recipe will not have pumpkin. Not even a little bit. Not at all.

After that, though, all bets are off!


We celebrated Columbus Day here in America (Why? Nobody knows).

The deadline is fast approaching, so I hope you’ve at least come up with a plan for Movita’s pumpkin carve-off.

Taco Bell is releasing sriracha things. SRIRACHA. AT TACO BELL. Of course nobody here eats that junk anyway, right?

Bon Appetit gave us a list of essentials that actually kinda makes sense. It does not have 17 kinds of flours. In fact, it doesn’t even have any flour at all.

HuffPo gave us the low-down (or is it down-low? the 411? What are all the kids saying these days?) about all of the milks.

And Food52 is saving my tupperware from the trashcan (and thereby saving the environment). Go you, Food52! (hehe, it rhymes)

Pharrell committed crimes against humanity.

Martha Stewart still hates Gwenyth Paltrow.

Apparently edible cookie dough is a thing. (Wait, so all that cookie dough I’ve been eating WASN’T edible?)

Baked released their newest cookbook: Baked Occasions.

Serious Eats taught us how to turn our pasta into ramen.

And BuzzFeed shared the “American” section of grocery stores…


I know I should be appalled but honestly all I can think is, “Who under the age of 90 is eating Cream of Wheat?”

It reminded me of the wonderful video of Australians trying American snacks. Spoiler alert: it went way better than the video of Americans testing Australian snacks.

And here’s your daily dose of cuteness.

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  1. this was perhaps the most succinct Thursday Things ever. Very BuzzFeed-ish in nature, and i like that. i like that a LOT. i also like the other TT’s though, but just saying…this one had extra sass.

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