thursday things – the chestnut praline latte and other things

chestnut praline latte

THE CHESTNUT PRALINE LATTE HAS ARRIVED. I tried it this morning just for you all… and the verdict? Actually pretty good. I’ve never had a chestnut but I assume that is what they taste like. It was nutty with a slight hint of cinnamon and all in all, I would say it was pretty good. I would definitely order it again.

In other news… 

If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to be 2 years old, this Instagram account will remind you.

And if you thought plant-sitting was a boring job, you have clearly been doing it wrong.

If you had a bad day yesterday, remember it could always be worse

Just seeing this picture of a life-sized Katniss cake makes me tired. You don’t even get to eat it! WHAT’S THE POINT?

Not a baker? No problem. Bon Appetit has you covered with storebought pies you don’t have to be ashamed to take to your gathering.

For some reason, Pepsi thinks that Dorito-flavored soda is necessary.

For a much more obvious reasons, Oreo churros are (going to be) a thing.

Phoenix has some serious brag-worthy restaurants and I have only been to two of them… Clearly I need to work on that.

Hosting Thanksgiving at your place? Just taking along a side or dessert? This Thanksgiving Food Planning Calculator will help you figure out how much you need to make!

Oh, and Mr. Eats sent me this today because “It reminded him of me”… Thanks, Mr. Eats.

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8 thoughts on “thursday things – the chestnut praline latte and other things

  1. HAHAHAHAHA that gif is too good. I’m glad to hear you liked the CPL!!!! I’m (kind of embarrassingly) dying to try it….

  2. I try to stay away from Starbucks…it used to be a daily routine… But Chestnut Praline sounds so good! What a fabulous flavor combination for a cake! As for the gif, well the little guy is happy, what more could you ask for! LOL

  3. I have to say, your TT posts are so culturally up-to-the-minute that if i miss commenting on one, or get behind, it’s like it happened YEARS ago b/c i’m all “hey yeah i totally remember that!” but it feels like longer than a week. 🙂

    i will say this: i LOVE the chestnut praline latte. i want it year round. i actually got a little hivey this morning thinking that maybe no on else will like it and it won’t ever come back and THAT. CANNOT. HAPPEN. it’s so good…like terrifically good.

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