thursday things – the 2014 thanksgiving special!


Take a walk down memory lane with 20 years of Thanksgiving food trends.

Did you know that you could celebrate a fast food Thanksgiving (think “semi-homemade” – Sandra would be proud)… sadly that stuffing actually sounds really freaking good.

Meanwhile Food52 comes to the aid of your gluten-free guests.

King Arthur Flour answers the age-old question about what makes the best pie crust: Butter or Shortening? (Hint: IT’S BUTTER!)

New York Times has Thanksgiving across the states – what is your states dish? Arizona’s is apparently cranberry sauce with chiles.

And The Kitchn showed us how to make our entire Thanksgiving meal in the slow cooker. Of course, then you would need like six slow cookers, but who’s counting?

This Philly delicatessen has turkey-shaped mozzarella.


And Salt & Straw has released a turkey flavored ice cream… that supposedly is actually pretty good.

Make your life easier on Turkey Day and cut down on those tears by nuking those onions before you chop them.

And DON’T BASTE THAT TURKEY because if Alton Brown doesn’t do it then neither should you.

If you still need to stock up on Thanksgiving gear, check out last year’s Thanksgiving Survival Kit with all the gear you need to get you through the holiday unscathed.

If you are heading out to the grocery store, Serious Eats will hook you up with a a printable list of your Thanksgiving pantry essentials.

Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup

The turkey is sacred territory to pretty much everyone out there, so I won’t touch that one with a ten foot pole. I will, however, give you some side dish ideas! This year hubby’s dad is making the turkey, so side dishes are all we need to worry about anyway!

Last year I made this sweet potato casserole recipe from Some Kitchen Stories and it was delicious.


This classic sage and sausage stuffing from Serious Eats is sure to please your Turkey Day guests.


Though Thanksgiving isn’t generally a time for experiments, I’d definitely give these slow cooker mashed potatoes from Gimme Some Oven a whirl


Of course it’s always good to have a nice, light salad on hand, but you don’t want it to be boring. That’s where A Periodic Table’s Asian Pear & Fennel Salad comes into play.


And let’s diverge from that murky green bean casserole and enjoy some of Pink Parsley’s crispy green bean fries instead.

green bean fries

I’m obligated to make this praline pumpkin cake every year or else Mr. Eats will kill me… in fact it may have been in the fine print of our marriage contract. “Must make pumpkin cake at least once a year”..  If you want to go the more traditional route, try the creamiest pumpkin pie in the world.

praline pumpkin cake


And don’t forget to make miniature versions of everything to serve to your hamster.

2 thoughts on “thursday things – the 2014 thanksgiving special!

  1. okay, so i would DEMOLISH that fast food thanksgiving. not kidding. i’m so embarrassed by that but the minute i saw that they included mcdonald’s hashbrowns? dead with happiness i LOVE THOSE THINGS DON’T TELL ANYONE. all those recipes look good though, right? i want someone to calorie-calculate that mess b/c that would talk me out of making it Fastgiving.

    i saw the state by state! Missouri was STL Gooey Butter Cake, and i call cop-out; there’s many things which would represent us better and that was a bunt. not a “bundt,” but rather a bunt. did you see the rebuttal? Someone in Minnesota got SUPER pissed about their grape salad.

    so if you can make turkey shaped mozzarella…it stands to reason that you can make ANY shape mozzarella…the thoughts. all the thoughts.

    MY SALAD! thank you! which really would be a nice break from the heavy reality of thanksgiving, and the blackberry butter you have left over from the vinaigrette could be slathered all over your dinner rolls, just saying. 🙂

    i like the look of those sweet potatoes! mr. table is making me actually cook thanksgiving leftovers this year (b/c here i thought i was getting out of thanksgiving by heading to a restaurant, but nope! mr. table strikes again) and sweet potatoes is one of the things. i may do stripes like this.

    also, i can confirm publicly that that creamiest pumpkin pie in the world is delicious and actually the creamiest, yes: remember when i made that? still my favorite, so thank you for that. seconded! 🙂

    • Ok, A> EVERYONE loves the McD’s hasbrowns. If you get the ones from Trader Joes and cook them in the oven … they actually turn out pretty close… minus that traditional McDs oil flavor of course…

      Lol – I had never seen or heard of the Ohio dish so must not be that ohio-y lol

      True… the world is your (mozzarella) oyster.

      The sweet potatoes are SO GOOD. Seriously. You should make them. And that pie is so damn creamy … seriously.

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