thursday things

whole 30 chipotle steak salad

Cooks & Books rounded up some of the internet’s healthy and delicious recipes and was sweet enough to include my barbacoa steak salad (pictured above). You can see that recipe and more on their website!

Nigella Lawson is now on instagram.

F&W claimed they were showing us how to poach a dozen eggs at once… although it’s actually more of “how to bake a dozen eggs at once” but who’s really paying attention anyway?

Nabisco has outdone themselves again with Red Velvet Oreos – which will be made available to us normies on Feb 2nd. At which time, as your faithful Oreo tester, I will promptly scoop some up and let you know how they are.

red velvet oreo

Matthew Inman created a Kickstarter campaign to launch the best card game since Cards Against Humanity… and reached 10,000% of their goal in less than 7 hours.

Conan O’Brien visited the Taco Bell HQ and created a few of his own menu items.

Meanwhile Japan taught 100 robots how to do the robot and revolutionized the dessert world with clear mochi cake.

As I’ve been approaching the end of yet another Whole 30, I feel healthy and energized! I’ve been eating lots of whole-30-approved things like stuffed peppers, lettuce wraps, steak salad, and healthy stir fry

All while experiencing some serious cravings for things like…

This poblano mac and cheese from Annie’s Eats

annie's eats poblano mac

A Periodic Table’s mochi cake.


Movita’s finnish pulla


These multigrain pancakes with bananas foster syrup from Crumb.

bananas foster pancake

And this meatball sub from Serious Eats


Are you sensing a theme here?

4 thoughts on “thursday things

  1. so that barbacoa salad looks ten times better big than it did in the little photo you sent me, and the little photo looked amazing, so….10x amazing! even though, yeah…i’m craving all the things you’re craving, and then some.

    nigella on instagram! i had no idea but now: i am following. how did i not know that? ugh…keeping up is hard.

    i don’t know why, but completely synchronized tiny robots dancing are SO SOOTHING to me. i could watch that video all day long.

    really?! i just finally make normal mochi cake and now there’s a CLEAR MOCHI CAKE?!? COME ON, JAPAN! give a girl a chance to catch up here.

    okay those red velvet oreos touch on something i’ve been thinking for awhile now: i’m tired and bored of them just randomly changing the fillings: CHANGE UP THE COOKIE. i love the red, and think of the possibilities! red cookie crumbs for pie crust, just saying…hmmmm… although you know movita won’t be able to eat these because she doesn’t believe in red velvet as a flavor. if you don’t believe in red velvet as a flavor, do they cease to exist? deep thoughts.

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