thursday things – an alpacalypse in phoenix and other news


Phoenix has had a busy week, with some raindrops falling, people freaking out about pink clouds, and a near ALPACA-LYPSE. A couple of llamas escaped from their owner’s yard and took the interwebs by storm while our local police spent several hours chasing them down. The llamas were eventually caught, but not before Buzzfeed had time to make a “Which Runaway Llama Are You?” quiz.

Movita shared a super awesome coloring page with me, so I’m basically going to get nothing else done today.

Shannon made us Baymax cookies because she’s amazing.

Speaking of amazing things, I forgot to share with you all last week the awesome shirt and notepad that Mr. Eats got me for Valentine’s Day! For some reason I put question marks there when clearly they should be exclamation points.


pusheen shirt

Science is solving super important problems like, “What kind of music cats like?” They created cat-centric music, which you can listen to here. I haven’t played it for our cats yet, but have every intention of doing so when I get home today.

Meanwhile the internet is going bonkers over this dress. I thought that the debate was just made up out of nowhere until my very own Mr. Eats and I didn’t agree on the colors. Is it white & gold or blue & black? IS THERE REALLY EVEN A DRESS AT ALL? I don’t know, guys… I just don’t know.

blue or white dress

Even Cookie Monster is cashing in on the hysteria.

Campbells is trying to get in on the juice trend.

KFC is taking the lead on reducing waste by making edible coffee cups. I don’t see how that could possibly go wrong.

I can finally justify all of the coffee I drink, since apparently 3 to 5 cups a day is the golden spot.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to taste words, this guy will tell you all about it. Apparently “college” tastes like sausage and “Karen” tastes like yogurt… Gross, Karen. Take a shower…

Rumors of a cotton candy flavored Oreo are circulating which is great because every time I eat an Oreo I think, “You know, this is good, but what it really needs is more sugar.” It reminds me of this famous quote

In other news, for some reason these people let a 2 year old sing the national anthem… if you can even really call it “singing”…

Relax, guys. I’m kidding. He’s adorable.

6 thoughts on “thursday things – an alpacalypse in phoenix and other news

  1. are you making fun of a 2yo?!? #theslap

    congrats to mr. eats for giving you the gift ALL THE REST OF US WANTED TO GET FOR VALENTINE’S DAY DANG IT. 🙂 that’s love. that’s also really paying attention, so bonus points.

    i started to map out the letters of our names according to what this dude said they tasted like, and then it got gross so i stopped. college tastes like egg mcmuffins to me.

    i’m black llama, and that dress is STILL white and gold. also, i’m not amazing, but those baymax cookies were super fun. i’m sending you a batch next time b/c they’re expired now.

    (in my belly)

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